The Odyssey Online: A Place for Perspective; not news

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What is Odyssey Online?

The Odyssey Online is a website where anyone can create an account and write articles of their choice on topics of interest. If the article gets enough attention, the user can potentially earn some money from their article.

Most of these articles are opinion based. The website says their goal is to “give people the opportunity to share what’s most important to them and their communities, enriching everyone with broader and more honest perspectives.”

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this, but I think it should be understood that this is not journalism. It is simply a blogging platform that is often used to rant about various topics. Odyssey Online does not claim to be “reliable news”, but I would like to remind people who come across this site that it is by no means a reliable source. Headlines are meant to grab your attention because if they go viral, the writer will potentially make more money.

If you go to the site with an understanding of this fact, it can be a great experience. You can find like-minded people and connect with people throughout your community. Just remember that these articles are based on opinion and not everything you read on this site that claims to be “fact” can be trusted. In today’s society, it’s certainly true that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.

There are a lot of articles on the internet from journalists who hate The Odyssey Online. However, I think they should cut the online platform some slack. The Odyssey Online is all about letting voices be heard. They do not claim to replace journalism, nor do they claim to be anything other than perspective-based articles.

Many are enraged by some of the opinions posted simply because they are against their own. An editor named Sami West of created an open letter to The Odyssey Online, calling it “unnecessary” and “inauthentic.” West became particularly angry when she came across articles she didn’t like, such as “Things Trump Supporters Don’t Amuse Anymore hear.”

While West writes in her article that she understands this is just a blog space. She went on to say that if the title didn’t “twist” the reader, then the reader is “misinformed and privileged.” Now that sounds to me like a case of undue intolerance of others’ opinions. This seems to be the reason behind many against The Odyssey. Furthermore, West ironically does exactly what others in The Odyssey do: share opinions.

If you’re hearing about it for the first time, I recommend checking it out with an open mind and remember it’s a blog, not a newspaper. People go there specifically to share opinions, not news.

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