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Four young paper girls are out delivering the newspaper one early Halloween in 1988 when they find themselves caught in the crossfire between two warring time travelers. Their lives are forever altered. Will they survive the events that unfold? Find out in this review. Until then, don’t miss Paper Girls Season 2! There are a ton

 of twists and turns that you won’t believe! Read on to find out! Also, stay tuned for Paper Girls Season 3!


This review of Paper Girls will discuss Erin, the newest paper girl on the block. She faces the difficulties of growing up, navigating the treacherous world of adulthood, and dealing with the strange dimensions of tampons. It is in her conversations with her ‘older self’ that Erin finds her inner strength. Ali Wong plays the part of Erin’s ‘older self’, a stand-up comic who embodies her inner strength.

The plot of Paper Girls is based on the comic book series of the same name. The movie deals with a wide range of topics, from mental health to trauma. Teenage girls are often unable to grasp the implications of their own actions and desires, but the movie makes this problem seem a bit silly and unrealistic. The writers, including Brian K. Vaughan, Stephanie Folsom, and Fola Goke-Pariola, use a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek language to make their point.

There are plenty of similarities between the series and the comic book, including the 1980s setting, sci-fi elements, and coming-of-age characters. However, while Paper Girls shares the same setting, the series is very different from Stranger Things. It’s set in Ohio, with Hawkins, Indiana, just across the state line. While both shows have similar elements, Paper Girls is much more grounded in its worldbuilding and storytelling.

Review of Paper Girls

The first season of Paper Girls isn’t a strong one, but it still manages to capture the spirit of the source material. Paper Girls’ costumes are comic-accurate, but with more fun flourishes as the story progresses. The show also fails to strike notes of incongruous menace that make it a TV comedy staple. Nevertheless, the story is fun, and it will likely appeal to fans of the original comic book.

While it lacks sci-fi adventure and convincing world-building, Paper Girls has some strong points. It’s a genuinely moving coming-of-age story that will please longtime fans of comic books while surprising those with no knowledge of the comic book genre. However, it’s important to have some patience if you plan to watch this show. Because Paper Girls is full of memorable characters, it may not be a great fit for all viewers.

The first season of Paper Girls is based on the comic book of the same name, but it is not a remake. There’s a certain feel of a Stranger Things wannabe that’s woven throughout the story, and this is one of its greatest strengths. But if you love sci-fi and the 1980s, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in Paper Girls. But, the film’s setting might be a little off-putting, but if you have kids who are more likely to be mischievous than the boys in Stranger Things, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Review of Paper Girls Season 2

This sci-fi series about grown-up paper delivery girls is the first in a series of time-traveling comedies. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang, the series follows a group of teenage girls who meet their adult counterparts in an alternate universe. Starring Sofia Rosinsky, Riley Lai Nelet, Camryn Jones, Fina Strazza, and Ali Wong, Paper Girls follows the lives and loves of five girls who become a group of friends in this parallel world.

While the series is more of a rip-off of Stranger Things than a copycat, the first season has some great moments. The show’s opening episode opens with four preteen girls riding bikes through town, chasing a mystery. Thankfully, the show doesn’t use butterfly effects or grandfather paradoxes to make the story more complicated than it really is. In addition, Paper Girls’ second season is just as fun as its first season.

The action begins when the girls are in the middle of a shootout. The girls are speculating about a threat, and as the sky turns purple, the girls must get out of the way. As one girl tries to save the other, another pulls out a gun. It goes off, and a bullet slams into the gut of Erin. The resulting bloodshed leaves many of the girls with bullet wounds.

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