Discover the Hidden Gems of Dunlap, TN

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Introduction to Dunlap, TN

Dunlap is a picturesque town located in the Sequatchie Valley in Tennessee, USA. This picturesque town is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich history and friendly locals. It is an ideal destination for those looking for a quiet getaway in a tranquil setting.

Attractions in Dunlap, TN


Dunlap has several attractions worth exploring. Below are some of Dunlap’s hidden gems:


Dunlap Coke Ovens Park – This park is a historic landmark that represents the remnants of the coal industry in the area. Coke plants have been preserved here, which are a reminder of the city’s industrial past. The park also houses a museum that gives visitors a look into the history of coal mining in Tennessee.


Fall Creek Falls State Park – This park is a nature lover’s paradise, boasting stunning waterfalls, lakes and hiking trails. Visitors can enjoy activities such as camping, fishing, boating and horseback riding. The park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including black bears, foxes and deer.


Sequatchie Valley Scenic Byway – This road is a beautiful drive that offers breathtaking views of the valley and its surroundings. It passes through several small towns, including Dunlap, and gives visitors a glimpse of rural Tennessee.

Local Culture and Cuisine

Dunlap has a rich cultural heritage and its cuisine is a reflection of that. The town has several restaurants that serve traditional Southern cuisine, including fried chicken, barbecue, and biscuits and gravy. These are some of the popular restaurants in Dunlap:


Hillbilly’s Cabin Restaurant – This local favorite serves authentic Southern food in a rustic cabin setting. The menu includes dishes such as catfish, fried chicken and hushpuppies.


Cookie Jar Cafe – This cafe is known for its homemade pies, cakes and cookies. It also serves a variety of sandwiches, salads and soups.


Miss Olivia’s Table – This restaurant is an upscale establishment that offers a unique blend of Southern and French cuisine. The menu includes dishes such as shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes and chocolate mousse.


In conclusion, Dunlap, TN is a hidden gem that offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, history, and culture. Its attractions, cuisine and friendly locals make it an ideal destination for those looking for a quiet getaway in a tranquil setting. We highly recommend visiting Dunlap and exploring its hidden gems.

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