Best Tips to Follow for Pinched Nerve

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A pinched nerve can cause pain as it can happen anywhere in your body. Some people have no idea about the pinched nerve. Well, it refers to the nerve or group of nerve damage due to increased pressure on the nerve by the surrounding tissues.

It can happen in any area of your body but it can affect a few most common areas, which include the lower back, elbows, neck, shoulders, and wrists.

The best neuro physician in Karachi shares that different types of pinched nerves occur as they completely depend on the area or location of the body. But you can try the following treatments that can help in relieving pinched nerves.

Tips for Pinched Nerve

Here, you also should learn that pinched nerves can go away on their own but you can follow some of the best ways for pinched nerves as per the location of the body.

Try a Standing Desk

If you have a pinched nerve, you need to try a standing desk practice. Yes, it is effective when it comes to dealing with pinched nerves. Sitting for too long can lead to pinched nerves but you should try a standing desk which can help in increasing mobility and movement. You should practice standing desk throughout the day as it can help a lot.

Working in the office and having pinched nerves is common. You can ask for desk modification that can help in increased mobility and involves fewer sitting hours.

If you cannot arrange a desk standing position, try to increase your body movement. Make sure that you walk around every hour as it can help to increase your body movement.

Go with a Wrist Splint

People who are living with severe carpal tunnel syndrome can try a splint. Yes, it is very effective because it protects your wrist and makes sure for more rest. Wearing a splint at night can be more effective for pinched nerves because it reduces the chance of wrist curling from an unfavorable position.


Pinched nerves occur due to more pressure which you can reduce with rest and proper stretching. Make sure that you go with a gentle stretch. More hard stretches may cause some side effects.

Being gentle with your affected part can help in relieving pressure caused by surrounding tissues. Stretches may vary as it depends on location. Neck and upper back pinched nerves can be treated with stretching.

Adjust Right Posture

Staying in one position can also cause pain. Laying or sitting in one position can lead to pain. Curling into a fetal position or bending the neck low back can help with a pinched nerve in the neck. If you still find it painful, try another standing position which can help relieve muscle pressure.

Try with the Right Keyboard Position

When you work with your keyboard throughout the day, it may lead to causing a pinched nerve in your forearm or in your wrist. But you can deal with such a problem by adjusting your keyboard position. You must take notice if your keyboard is not in the right position.

Make sure that your elbows are in line with your wrist. When you make your wrists up to the desk to type on the keyboard, it may lead to a pinched nerve.

Take Rest

Having pinched nerves? Well, you need to get some rest for a pinched nerve. An inflamed nerve needs to calm down so that you can deal with some rest. But when the inflamed nerve is restored, make sure that you start your daily activity gradually. People should avoid any activity that can make their pain come back.

Try Stretching

Well, stretching can help in many ways. Yes, you need to deal with pinched nerves with some stretching. But make sure that you get proper rest along with proper stretching. Staying with gentle stretch can help deal with pinched nerves.

All pinched nerve locations do not depend on specific stretches as they vary. You should go with gentle stretches if you have a neck or upper back pinched nerve. If the gentle stretch does not work, visit the professionals for the right plan or treatment.

Use Ice Packs and also Try Heat Therapy

If you start taking notice of your pinched nerve early, try an ice pack that reduces the pain. Using an ice pack does impact the pinched nerve and releases the pain. But applying it directly on your body can cause an ice burn. Try to wrap up the ice in a towel or a cloth that can help in reducing pain caused by a pinched nerve.

Taking a massage of ice chips for five minutes also relieves the pain. Heat therapy promotes the healing process. Studies say that both cold and heat therapies can help with musculoskeletal injuries.

Elevate Your Legs

A pinched nerve in the lower back causes discomfort. But it may need a simple body position. Yes, elevating your legs can help with a pinched nerve in your lower back. Laying on your back and elevating your legs can help in releasing pressure on the nerves by surrounding tissues.

Visit the doctor if you do not find relief or pain stay for days!

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