10 Important Things That Make a Good Hotel Room Great

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When traveling, choosing where to stay is the most significant decision. Most importantly, the decision on where to stay has changed or destroyed many relationships, strained or saved many budgets, and improved or decimated many holidays.

Hotel rooms are so significant that websites are dedicated to telling others about them, where a hotel’s reputation can be at stake. Most rooms you’ve stayed in have the same basic features: walls, doors, beds, roofs, toilets, and showers. Except for a particularly horrid experience, I think they all had the same basic features. In the case of products that have the same core features, why do some products excel while others fail miserably? In this post, we will explore this theory further and talk about what exactly makes a hotel room amazing (or terrible, if it’s not done right).

Good Hotel Rooms: What Makes Them Great


Having a comfortable bed is vital since you only use a hotel room for two purposes: sleeping and showering. A big, soft, fluffy bed is the stuff dreams are made of, particularly after a long flight from faraway places. There is nothing better than inner-spring lumbar support. On one of my vacation trips to California, I once stayed in a tiny hotel room in the best hotel in Bakersfield, California. It made me forget that room size didn’t matter, though, because it had the most amazing, spacious, and comfortable bed I had ever slept on in my life.


It belongs to the same general category as ‘the bed,’ but is equally important. When you sit down for a restful night’s sleep only to discover that your head rests on a scrap of metal, nothing could be more disheartening. There is no doubt that hotel pillows are often the most comfortable, perhaps it is because you are unable to figure out what brand they are and recreate the experience at home.


When it comes to a hotel shower, there are a lot of things that can go wrong or right. There are a lot of variables that could swing either way. Here are some basics to keep in mind to get you started.

Temperature and water pressure can be maintained consistently. There is no point in having a light, icy cold trickle dripping from a shower head. Having a good shower will always help the guest have a more pleasant experience since it is an essential and noteworthy part of the stay.

View from the Room

A breathtaking view can make even the tiniest hotel room more bearable. Similarly, nothing is more satisfying than walking into a gorgeous hotel room with a large window offering a birds-eye view of the city where you are staying.


Many hotels are experiencing this issue. Most hotels don’t provide adequate lighting in their rooms, from bathrooms to bedside lamps, so guests have to deal with it all the time. Guestrooms benefit from improved lighting, which enhances the experience and provides a sense of security.


When entering a hotel and hotel room, a traveler’s first impression is affected by the smell of the property. Hotel guests are often sensitive to newly designed hotel scents and stale smells from carpets and bathrooms, which can affect their perception of a hotel’s quality and cleanliness. Moreover, it leaves a positive impression on the minds of guests, as I experienced when I stayed in the best hotel room in Bakersfield (as mentioned above). Therefore, it is one of the most important things that make a hotel and hotel room great.


There is a possibility of staying somewhere with a private plunge pool if you are extremely fortunate. Is there anything better than romping around in your swimwear without anyone to see you? You can let all your inhibitions go and feel like a king or queen for a few days.

Necessary Safety/Security

Most people consider a hotel room to be a personal space away from home. That comes with a hefty expectation of the most diligent safety and security measures. Today, many hotels offer customized safety and security measures in their hotel rooms and in general to meet the needs of different guest profiles, such as women, children, and the elderly. Some guests still place greater importance on the human touch over technology when it comes to providing better safety.

Food and Drink

Happy hour and buffet breakfast! It’s one of the best feelings in the world to roll out of bed, make your way to the hotel restaurant, and find a jaw-dropping buffet breakfast waiting for you. A wonderful buffet breakfast or a wonderful happy hour with good drinks at a reasonable price can make your stay at any hotel so much more enjoyable and unforgettable


During my stay at the best hotel in Bakersfield, I was surprised to discover not only one chocolate on my pillow at night but a small box containing five exquisitely prepared chocolates. Coming back to the room every evening and finding that lovely small box of goodness awaited me was a highlight of my day.

Final Words

It is the hotelier’s responsibility to provide the highest quality amenities for their hotel guests. There is, however, always a chance of success and earning the best marketing for the hotel. It is by utilizing these small details in a hotel room that hoteliers can make a good hotel room great. This will further help them grow and have profitability.

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