Solar panel installation: how does the process begin? 

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Solar panel installation: how does the process begin? 


Installing solar panels is a visible process to solve electrical needs and priorities. So, if you’re considering installing solar panels in your home, you might want it to be perfect. 


The installation process of a photovoltaic solar cell depends on its structure and other relevant aspects. Although it is not rocket science, you need to understand the basic structure of a solar panel. 


Without knowing and understanding solar panels, you cannot complete the installation. Unfortunately, many people think they can install solar panels themselves, relying on friends or local residents. 


This is where most people take it easy and wrong. Manipulation of solar panels is easy only by experts in installing solar machines. 


So, if you are considering solar installers for your panel installation, you don’t have to worry about it. 


However, you must look at the process and understand in advance what it requires. 




Solar panel installation process depends on complete steps, and it can also cost you depending on your installation strategies. 


Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered this time. 


Follow these guidelines and understand the important aspects of the solar panel installation process so that everything goes smoothly. 


Good to know before you go  


Before proceeding with the installation, we give you some cases where you can better measure your solar panel. 


First, you need to look at your energy consumption every month. You can see your electricity consumption and track your electricity bill for the last twelve months. This will help you understand how much energy your house needs per month, and you can also calculate your daily energy consumption. 


This way you can understand what size solar panel you need to install in your home. 


Choosing the best solar panel brand can have a huge impact on installation and usage. Depending on the manufacturer, their value and the investment process, you can understand where you invest and how much profit you will make with solar panels in the future. 


Apart from this, you also need to focus on some models and rights. Once you have decided to install a separate solar panel, you will need to look for permits in your local area. Well, you need to find out if there is a solar community in your area. 


Solar Panel Installation Process  

Solar Panels can be used in both residential and commercial applications. In this case, only the special cases of solar panels and their installation under the corresponding sunlight must be observed. 


Well, we have come up with some simple steps that can help you as a guide in the beginning and help you understand the whole process better. 


Rack installation 


Solar panel installation is the most important installation process. You cannot deny the fact that installing a rack provides stability and support to the solar system. It also determines the visibility of the solar panel in sunlight. 


Therefore, the mounting brackets must be installed first. Then, depending on the application, you can choose recessed or ceiling mounts. So, if you know what you need first, it will be easier for you to choose a particular installation process as well as appearance. 


Well, if you live in the northern hemisphere, you have to put the panel in the south. Conversely, for people living in the southern hemisphere, the front of the panel should face north. 


Solar panel placement


The inclination of your solar panel should be 18-36 degrees. This greatly increases the maximum conversion of solar energy into electricity. 


This step covers the nuts and bolts and positioning of the solar panel. We have already discussed the arrangement, but here you have to fix the panel correctly. 


So, this is the process that makes your solar panel long lasting and durable. 


Consider electrical wiring


MC cables are durable and also have a universal connector. It can easily be used for home electrical wiring. 


All types of solar panels are compatible with MC cables. Well, the electrical connection of these solar panels can be used for different purposes depending on your niche. 


For example, if you use a serial connection process, the wiring helps to match the voltage to the battery bank and ensures that the wire type is improved. 


On the other hand, if you use a parallel connection, your panel line voltage will remain the same. Connecting solar inverters to the system. 


This process involves connecting the solar inverter to your solar panel. Well, here you have to remember that the positive wire is connected to the positive terminal of the inverter and on the other hand, the negative wire touches the negative terminal. 


It is time to generate electricity and so the solar inverter is connected to the solar grid battery. 


Then connect it to the battery. 


Why do you need a battery? 


The battery is important to ensure the backup process. 


This is an off-grid solar system and keeps your backup ready at all times. 


After the above process, you need to connect the positive terminal of the solar panel to the positive terminal of the inverter. 


Similarly, negative goes with negative. 


to connect the electrical network and the solar inverter. 


Sähköverkko is the main energy center that supplies electricity. So you have to plug the inverter cord into the grid and make sure your property gets electricity. 


In this case, you must connect it to the output wire. 


Let’s turn it on! 




What next? 


Well, you have done everything well and now it is time to see the result. 


Turn on the inverter from your dashboard and you can see the output and usage of the solar device digitally on the inverter board. 


It’s done! 


Now you can enjoy free renewable energy after years.


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