Software For MSPs That Offers 9 Different PSA Solutions 

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Professional services automation (PSA) software helps service-based businesses like managed services providers (MSPs), consulting firms, and IT consultants ensure services are provided, monitor projects and deadlines, effectively use resources, and boost profits. 

Adopting and relying on a PSA solution will improve efficiency by automating monotonous processes and workflows, dismantling managerial and operational silos, and freeing personnel to concentrate on more value-generating tasks. 

Nine different PSA solutions are available in software for MSPs. 

Before looking into PSA solutions for your business, it’s essential to ascertain the business requirements. This approach makes decisions more transparent and clearer, ensuring that the chosen solution will fulfill productivity and corporate objectives. This article examines a variety of PSA software for MSPs that treat PSA. 

1.SolarWinds MSP Manager 

RMM is a feature of SolarWinds MSP Manager, typically required by MSPs. You may get PSA and RMM solutions that smoothly interact and share information by using SolarWinds MSP Manager. A client database is another functionality. The client database will store all passwords to access the customer’s system. The program also provides a mechanism to ensure that the passwords are secure and safeguarded, preventing access by other technicians. The fact that SolarWinds MSP Manager is a cloud-based system is just another fantastic feature. Companies or corporations that want to use this program won’t need to have their own IT infrastructure, similar to Kaseya BMS.

2. Accelo

Accelo was primarily created to assist IT services in managing their projects, so it is another top PSA software choice of MSPs. MSPs don’t have to spend much time customizing the software because there is an integrated site for 24/7 customer support. Accelo, like PSOhub, offers native connectivity with both HubSpot and Salesforce, facilitating a smooth transition from sales to projects. Accelo is a pioneer in automation, and it provides complete resource management tools that make it simple to close the loop on all projects and services quickly.

3. Scoro

MSPs utilize Scoro, an all-inclusive work management system, to automate administrative tasks and manage their projects effectively. It excels in automated billing as a PSA and, like Accelo and PSOhub, provides robust resource management tools to track how well your team utilizes its resources. Most MSP users laud Scoro for its simple job collaboration and clear time management capabilities. Team members can track their time with Scoro, and managers and owners can view the time’s financial value because of this PSA solution’s strong analytics and reporting.

4. Atera

For its all-in-one RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) software, Atera is the leading option among MSPs. Atera ingeniously integrates the tools required to manage international teams and clients with PSA software’s automation and smooth operation. Their capacity for remote access and support is ideal for IT service providers. Due to Atera’s root-cause analysis feature, MSPs can be informed of issues before the customer ever becomes aware of them. Customers won’t know anything was wrong, which will improve their experience and increase overall customer retention.

5. Autotask

Autotask is a favorite due to its reputation for making supplying IT services straightforward and effective. This software also helps you improve your operations by giving you a comprehensive insight analysis. Another fantastic feature of Autotask is its Inventory and Procurement module, which aids companies in managing fixed assets and expenditures. In addition, Autotask offers a scheduling feature that establishes due dates for operation deliverables. For managers to fulfill particular objectives and expectations, it also helps with resource allocation. 

6.ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 

The help offered to MSPs by this program may be improved. For smaller MSPs trying to expand and grow, it is quite beneficial. Its capabilities include extensive reporting, remote support, incident management, and billing. You may boost efficiency throughout your organization’s various departments by controlling everything from one place. If the proper management procedures are followed, any business can succeed. You can use high-end, productive, and efficient PSA software. In this instance. A good PSA solution can assist in managing your MSP’s administrative duties and processes. 


ConnectWise provides both a PSA solution and an automated RMM solution. The ability of this PSA software to automate different support jobs reduces processing times and increases client response times. You may therefore provide your clients with more effective and efficient services. ConnectWise assists with tracking target completion using the performance monitors integrated into its help desk solution. 

This program is good for encouraging peer and community communication, teamwork, and support. demonstrates numerous distinctive qualities that help businesses operate better and earn more money. The user can customize practically any setting till he sees all the features he needs on the dashboard because of how openly customizable this PSA software is. It is a simple and effective collaborative many-to-many communication tool that ensures everyone is on the same page. 


The seamless integration of PSA and project management in PSOhub makes it priceless for MSPs. IT companies may save a ton of money by using PSOhub’s robust platform in one fell swoop rather than integrating two systems to handle both or, worse, utilizing two siloed solutions. PSOhub provides the self-driving features that MSPs adore, such as intelligent billing and automated time monitoring. It offers a cutting-edge predictive analysis that other software solutions have not yet included in their functionality, making it the most cost-effective option on this list. 


Service-based enterprises must carefully assess vendors and product fit since efficiency improvements result in higher customer satisfaction, on-budget project completion, and an expanded capacity to work on new projects. The ability of a PSA solution to interact with current systems is essential for effective implementation because it decreases back and forth between various systems and speeds up project delivery. 

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