Rishi Sunak mentions concerns for his daughter’s safety.

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Rishi Sunak talks about fears for daughter's safety and crime crackdown | Rishi Sunak | The Guardian

Following several attacks against women and girls, Rishi Sunak has expressed concern for his daughter’s safety as she walks to school.

Events over the last year have demonstrated to us that many women and girls do not feel as protected as they should, the prime minister added.

He brought up the incident of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel, who was shot in her Liverpool home earlier this year.

The PM stated, “I want to ensure that my children and everyone else may stroll about securely.

He claimed that “many of us males” including himself had previously taken safety “for granted.”

Therefore, addressing that and making it safer for individuals are issues that are just personally significant to me.

When she reached 11, the prime minister’s oldest kid expressed a desire to walk to her primary school by herself, and this is what prompted his family to relocate out of their Downing Street apartment and closer to her school before he quit as chancellor.

He stated: “As a parent, it drives home the terrible things we read about with the little child Olivia [Pratt-Korbel], which we will all remember. It also brings them home again throughout the summer.

“I want to ensure everyone can stroll about securely, even my children.

Rishi Sunak: Daughters motivate me to make the streets safer for women | News | The Times

“Any parent wants the best for their children,” she said.

On handling crime, he expressed that individuals in burdened foundations were bound to be impacted by wrongdoing and needed to “convey for those individuals” by putting more cops in the city.

In 2019 the public authority vowed to select 20,000 extra cops in Britain and Ridges by Walk 2023, trying to switch cuts starting around 2010, which had seen the number fall by around 19,000.

Work has blamed the public authority for “taking a hatchet to the indispensable administrations that are there to safeguard all of us”.

When asked if there should be more people in jail, Mr. Sunak responded that this was a “natural result of arresting more criminals” and that the government would be constructing 10,000 extra prison beds over the next years.

He claimed that while the resources existed to increase the number of prisons, he was not very happy with the idea.

Last Sunday, while he was on his route to Bali for his first G20 meeting since taking office, Mr. Sunak spoke with reporters.

While questioned about readjusting to life in Downing Street, he stated doing so “easier than it may have been” by returning to the apartment his family had previously occupied when he served as chancellor above No 10.

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