Rating of the best kids Segways UK

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Decided to buy a kids Segway, but can’t make up your mind? Let us help you: we will determine for you the 5 best models in the world, and from them you will already choose the one that suits you best! And the first in our conditional “top kids Segways UK” will be  NineBot E +  – a lightweight version of the classic Ninebot model. Like all models of the company, this “alien from the future” boasts an absolutely stunning design – in fact, this is an iPhone in the world of kids Segways UK! Characteristics, by the way, are also not far behind: 28 km power reserve, 20 km / h acceleration, weight is only 24 kilograms. A great choice for keeping up with the times.

Further in the ranking of kids Segways UK there will be two more  NineBots : mini and NineBot Pro . The company’s engineers solved the issue in order to free their hands, very gracefully: they removed the handle, but not completely. As a result, the segway did not turn into a hoverboard: the handle is still there, but now you need to clamp it with your knees. kids Segways UK is suitable for both children and adults. Five minutes to get used to, and you will be really comfortable! The fulcrum is in place, and the palms are not busy with anything. A good option if you like to “read while driving”.

Which kids hoverboard is better to choose?

You must understand that there are 5 classes of scooters:  4.5 inches ,  6.5 inches ,  8 inches ,  10  inches and  10.5 inches . Each class has its own pros and cons, in order to give an accurate answer, you need to learn about each. But experts believe that the best is a gyroboard 10.5 inches.

In terms of power, range and motor power, almost all kids hoverboard models are now identical. The difference lies only in the external design of the case, different colors and color combinations. And the presence of additional functions, such as: the presence of built-in stereo speakers, front or back lighting, external LED illumination, the ability to communicate with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The only standout among the devices is a model with a wheel diameter of 10.5 inches smart balance wheel 10.5 and increased ground clearance. This is an off-road kids hoverboard model designed specifically for driving on gravel, off-road and forest paths. Be sure to choose an eco-transport with a Samsung battery with 3 boards – because. the battery is about 40% of the cost of the device itself. In our smartbalance store.

The smallest hoverboards for kids

The very first Hoverboards for Children was release Smart Balance. It was the Smart Balance 1 KID model. This model was designed specifically for children. The 4.5 inch wheels were perfect for little kids. Even children from 5 years old could ride on it. The only negative was the two-board balancing system. Because of this, the kids hoverboard often did not accurately respond to the driver’s commands.

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