Promote Your Fitness Business: Top 5 Marketing Tips

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Are you a personal trainer or  fitness club owner? If so, you know that running a successful sports business requires more than just providing great services. You also need to market your business properly. 


The following article shares some of the best marketing tips to help take your sports business to the next level. All of them involve building an online presence to get more customers. 


Be active on social media 


If you are a dedicated user, you know that social media is an effective tool for reaching new customers and growing your brand. Videos go viral and reach millions within hours, and they all use different strategies that work depending on the platform. But with so many platforms and options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. 


Instagram is the best place to start. There are many tips  to grow your fitness Instagram profile as it is one of the most used platforms today. Not only is it popular among youngsters and adults who want to stay updated, but it offers features that  help you create something unique and eye-catching. Reel sharing, 2 hour stories and training videos  are more than enough to get you started. 


Create a Website 


Your website can be the first place  potential clients  find you, especially if you intend to work with them and practice with them online. The website should be optimized and simple, without  extra features that will confuse your customers. It’s also  where you can post news, meal plans, or workouts. 


Fitness websites usually have all the  information you need for the business,  as well as contact details and an address. So people can reach there easily. If you plan to sell exercise and meal plans online, be sure to explain their purpose to the customer and include all information such as duration, intensity and finally price. 


Emails and Newsletters 


Sending exercise-related emails to your clients is good for your business because you stay in touch with them. Create and send emails yourself if you can,  otherwise hire a professional to do it for you. There’s a fine line between reaching out to customers and being spammed, so it’s best to be careful. 


Since you own a fitness business, you have many topics to discuss, such as healthy eating, proper exercise, and proper use of equipment. You can include it in the weekly or monthly newsletters you send to your customers without being overwhelming. Not only will you increase your chances of getting clients, but you will also educate them. 


Event Hosting 


Event hosting is a win-win situation because you can do it both online and in person at the same time. Organize a local event where people can come train with you. It can be completely budget-friendly and you can exercise at the beach or  the park. Meanwhile, put a camera nearby and  stream your workout so  people can join you from home. 


Although such events may not increase your income, they will affect your popularity and if the locals like to exercise, they may even join your gym. People who  attend your event can purchase workouts and meal plans from your website and view your social media profiles. 


Ask  for customer reviews 


There are many fitness gurus on the internet who swear by their  weight loss and muscle building methods, but very few have experience and reviews. Overall, statistics show that 79% of consumers  trust online reviews. It’s always nice to have someone to back you up, especially in the fitness world where you have to work hard to reach your goals so you don’t waste time. 


You can share  reviews on your social media  and don’t forget to share them on your website as well. It is good  for customers to leave their opinion in the comment section of social media because people often read comments on posts. 


Bottom Line 


After a long quarantine, people want to get back in shape, so the fitness industry is on the rise. By increasing your online and social media presence, you can acquire customers both physically and virtually. Combine both for greater success. Remember, even if you get a bad review, take advantage of it and find new ways to improve instead of  ignoring it.

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