Meenakari Jewelry: A Traditional Royal Art, Trend in artificial jewellery of 2022

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Searching for the best trend in artificial jewellery? Choose Meenakari Jewelry. A huge variety of jewellery is made in India. We generally have a broad assortment of jewelry types to choose from, including kundan wedding jewellery, gold-plated South Indian jewelry, Meenakari jewelry, diamond jewelry, and the list goes on. Our country is home to many devoted jewelry aficionados. Each type of jewellery has a tale explaining its history and genesis. Here, we take a look at the history of one such ancient Meenakari ethnic jewellery set art form and learn about the Kundan and meenakari artificial jewellery from

History & background of Meenakari jewelry 

The history of Meenakari, a Persian art form, may be traced back to the Parthian and Sassanid eras of Iranian history. Around the 16th century, the Mughals brought the exquisite Meenakari art to India when Raja Maan Singh of Amber welcomed renowned Meenakars from the Mughal capital in Lahore and gifted Meenakari to Jaipur, Rajasthan. Even though many years may have passed since then, the same level of creativity and expertise is still necessary to make the traditional Meenakari art.

Meenakari is an ancient art style that uses colored enamels to decorate metals like gold and silver? Meenakari Jewelry is well known for its exquisite floral and geometrical motifs, as well as its color schemes, and each item carries a tinge of the monarchy. The next step in making this amazing art is applying colored enamel to any groves or engravings on ornaments or other objects. Although many different metals, including brass, copper, silver, and gold, are used to create diverse accessories.

The goal when making Meenakari kundan jewellery is to highlight images or figurines with striking clarity by putting enamel into the grooves. On jewelry, numerous themes and occasions are skillfully expressed, giving the piece an outstanding appearance. The artistic color scheme is unquestionably one of Meenakari’s most different features, making it a lovely and exceptional art.

Types of Meenakari

The shades that were created using other colors, such as pink, parrot green, and turquoise, are skillfully combined in this Meenakari design. The craft is used to make adorable jhumkas and earrings.

  • Ek Rang Khula Meena
  • Panch Rang Meena
  • Gulabi Meena/Banarasi Meena
  • Bandh Meena Khaka
  • Stone Carving and Enamelling

How does imitation jewellery set in Kundan and meenakari work together?

Since meenakari work was originally done on the reverse of beautiful stone-studded kundan jewellery, it was frequently overlooked. But later, when the wearer discovered this unique meenakari design on the reverse of the kundan jewellery, it also brought them tremendous satisfaction. The floral and vegetative motifs, peacocks, parrots, and elephants are the ones that appear most frequently in meenakari jewelry.

Meenakari Jewelry Materials in artificial jewellery

The majority of Meenakari jewellery was composed of gold. Rajasthan uses meenakari jewellery as traditional ornamentation. They are therefore primarily constructed of gold. However, artificial jewellery also comes in more modest price ranges. Nowadays, Sterling Silver is the metal of choice for meenakari jewelry since it holds the enamel well and improves its quality. Meenakari jewellery made of copper is also reasonably priced and attractive. In comparison to gold, they are also simpler to get by.

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