How planting more trees helps the environment

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We’ve all heard that plant trees is one of the absolute best things we can do for the environment. In case you didn’t know why, trees are key to creating and circulating the vital oxygen we all need to survive. Trees clean our air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, giving us something to breathe.


Basic facts about trees


Trees in the US alone store up to 800 million tons of carbon that would otherwise enter the atmosphere

Help offset approximately $22 billion in carbon dioxide control costs through carbon storage

One tree releases enough oxygen for two people

Reduce ozone levels in urban areas

Reduce urban runoff levels by storing water

It avoids erosion by breaking the force of the rain as it falls

Absorb sound and reduce noise pollution

Trees and energy saving

Trees help with cooling costs because they can provide enormous amounts of heat breaking shade. The Arbor Day Foundation says that the shade of a large tree in the hot summer months is equivalent to ten air conditioners running twenty hours a day. Alternatively, trees also break the path of winter wind gusts during the colder months and can help reduce heating costs. This energy saving business is not just for one house or one neighborhood, but for entire cities. The more trees in a city or region, the lower the heating and cooling costs needed to keep residents comfortable in their homes.

Trees and socio-economic effects


Let’s be honest—for most people, planting trees isn’t about protecting the environment or reducing heating and cooling costs for a home, neighborhood, or city. For most people, planting trees is about a cosmetic effect in the yard or park! Planting trees makes yards and parks, especially in urban areas, look nicer, cleaner and better maintained.


Another good thing about trees? They have been proven to help the mood of patrons in businesses and neighborhoods both mentally and physically. People who have a view of the trees are significantly less stressed and suffer from less illness than those who do not have a view of the tree line.


A few more facts that make trees even more amazing than they already are:


Increase property value


Make homes more attractive to guests, visitors, buyers and neighbors.

It is home to a large number of species of birds, animals and other wildlife from around the world.

Are you interested in planting a tree?


There are many environmentally friendly organizations that are more than willing to accept donations to plant trees. These tree planting organizations will plant trees around the world using these donations to help offset the problems of deforestation and global warming.


If you want to plant trees in your neighborhood or local community, check with local environmental organizations or local government officials to find out the best way to go about it (there are rules for these things, of course).

Trees as gifts


If you’re looking to give someone a tree as a gift for an upcoming birthday, birthday, or good luck gift, That’s Caring has a bonsai tree that just might be the best. Bonsai are great because they are small, they can fit on any desk, table or worktop. The bonsai trees at this Green Gifts Shop include everything the recipient needs to grow their bonsai tree and turn it into a living work of art. The bonsai trees available are handpicked for beauty, and because it’s a tree, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!


Bonsai varieties to choose from include Gardenia Jasminoides (Gardenia), Zelkova serrata (Grey Elm) and Pinus thunbergii (Japanese Black Pine).


For more information on the environmental impact of planting trees, visit the Clean Air Gardening website for facts, figures and ideas on how to help the environment. For more information on the bonsai offered or to view other gifts in many different forms, visit That’s Caring’s Green Gifts Shop [].

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