7 Best Accessories Your Car Must Have

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Once you have a car, you must be prepared to ensure it has all the crucial accessories in case of emergencies and other needs. All car manufacturers will not attach all the accessories; hence you have to focus on getting the extra accessories you need. These accessories have different roles, such as increasing the car’s luggage capacity, boosting the driving experience, boosting safety, collecting traffic footage, etc.  

Before you get the accessories, you should focus on your needs and what is missing in the car. This will help you select an option from the available lists and ensure what you install in the car is what you need. Here are some accessories you need for your car.   

  1. Car roof rack


If you love going for adventures, road trips, or sports events, then you must know that the roof rack is one of the essential accessories your car needs.  

It saves space and increases the capacity available for people sitting in the car. It can also be good for carrying big cargo such as tents and sports items that cannot fit into the car.  

If you have a Land Rover Defender SUV, the defender 90 roof rack can be the best for your car due to its sturdiness, stability, and ability to fit easily on your car roof.  

While designing and installing the roof rack, you should follow the guidelines to install it correctly and avoid any challenges that may lead to accidents in the future. 


  1. Dashcam

Insurance companies are always finding ways to avoid liability and obligations to pay for the damages to your car. Sometimes the lack of evidence can mean you do not get the insurance payments.  

Instead of struggling with the explanations, allow the dashboard cam to collect all the video evidence you need. Once synchronized with the front and back camera, it collects all the traffic and other relevant data as evidence in case of accidents. You can transfer the footage to your mobile devices or back the data in the cloud.  

In case of theft, it can also track the GPS location in real time. This data can also be sued to prove you were not overspeeding since some cameras also monitor GPS and speeds. 


  1. Extra USB charging ports


Some cars come with limited or slow charging ports making it challenging for everyone in the car to charge their phones or devices. Some cars only have charging ports at the front, leaving those sitting at the back with no charging position.  

You can extend the charging sections by using portable and installable USB charging ports and stations. This can be good for SUVs to allow those in the back seta’s charge their phones while you travel.  

While buying the chargers, you need to understand the voltage capacity you need to provide; it is best to seek professional help since installing these ports requires additional wiring in the car. However, when you have extra ports, you can buy the chargers and fit them in the ports.  


  1. Car jumpstarting kits


Sometimes, minor dilemmas can occur on the road; hence you need to jumpstart your cars.  

You do need to stop every car asking for the jumpstarting kit or asking them to help you jumpstart the car. You can easily jumpstart the car alone when you have your kit and resume your journey.  

Different jumpstarting kits with compact sizes and designs make them easy to carry around. Ensure you consider the battery size and voltage capacity to meet your car’s needs. 


  1. Wireless media connectivity


If you have a car manufactured before 2015, then there are chances you may not have iPhone or android phone connectivity and music play. Equally, the cars may only offer Bluetooth connectivity which can sometimes be unreliable due to various issues.  

Instead of using pins to connect your phone to the car stereos, you can have other portable accessories such as a wireless Bluetooth transmitter and other wireless connectivity, allowing you to connect your phone with the car’s stereo.  

This will enable you to connect to any phone and happily play music as you drive. 

  1. Emergency kit


How big should the car emergency kit be? What are the essential items to include in the kit? You no longer have to struggle to answer these questions since you can buy customized emergency kits with all the essential accessories you need.  

These kits will save you from buying independent items such as separate jump starters, car jacks, etc. There are different emergency kits, such as winter, off-road, and other types. You can buy the kits based on your needs or the universal types that contain all the essential items you may need.  

They also come with extra accessories for special occasions and are designed to occupy less space in the boot or fit into the wheel compartment in the boot. 


  1. Digital assistant


Nowadays, you can get different car digital assistant systems depending on your needs and the type of car. 

The digital assistant can help you in various ways enabling you to execute different commands while driving, allowing you to concentrate on driving hence preventing accidents. They enable you to execute commands such as calling on the phone, playing music, etc.  

If you don’t have a modern car with an excellent wireless connection for Alexa and Google Assistant, you should consider other assistants, such as those paired with the phone through Bluetooth.  




These are other essential accessories your car needs; you can always consider more options depending on your needs. These accessories will help you during emergencies and save the burden and costs of towing. They can also boost the experience and fun while going on adventures.  


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