Why Sublimation White Towels Are Perfect for Your Spa Business

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Why Sublimation White Towels Are Perfect for Your Spa Business 


Running a spa can be very difficult. In addition to keeping your guests happy, there are other things to consider, like managing your budget, keeping your employees happy and keeping your brand relevant in this busy world. 


Some of the things that customers look for in a spa are the impeccable service of the staff, the ambiance of the spa and the amenities provided by the management. Especially in today’s world, hygiene and safety are two of the most important things. 


People go to the spa to relax and unwind. In 2021, an estimated 173 million Americans visited a spa to do it all. One of the most important aspects of a spa is clean and hygienic towels. Customers use them to dry themselves after showering or going to the spa. This is why most spas and resorts use kitchen towels in their business. 



What are kitchen towels? 


Kitchen towel is a towel for drying dishes. But today it has evolved into many uses and is no longer limited to the kitchen. It was first used to insulate teapots during tea ceremonies in 18th century England. Since then, it has been used in many applications and industries. 


Many spas today use empty towels for various reasons. Kitchen towels provide clients with post-workout drying, which are used by the masseuse during the massage and as a blanket in the sauna. If you own or plan to open a spa, blank towels for sublimation printing are perfect. 


What is sublimation printing? 


Sublimation printing is a relatively new technique in the world of printing. 

Heat fuses the ink and fabric together, forming a permanent pattern on the fabric. 


So, using blank cloths for sublimation is great for spa business. Here are a few reasons why: 


They are nice and soft 


Sublimation Print Blank Towels are made from 100% cotton traditional terry fabric on the back and 100% polyester microfiber velvet. It is an ideal material for sublimation printing. And perfect for your clients at the spa too. 


Your clients will feel pampered when they use your printed towels after a luxurious spa session. With a brand logo printed on the towel and perhaps an accompanying slogan, their spa experience will be one to remember. 


Printing does not fade sublimation printing technology for your bath towels creates a permanently printed image on the material. You can be sure that the print will remain when you wash and handle the towels. 


With repeated use, bath towels fade and look unpleasant after a while. As a result, many spa owners have to order new towels and reprint them. Thanks to sublimation printing technology, the ink completely sinks into the fabric, instead of simply being placed on top like a normal print, which could be removed. 




Using kitchen towels for sublimation is very cost-effective. Not only do you not need to change them as often as other towels, but they wash and dry efficiently. Instead of paying for a professional laundry service, you can wash and dry them yourself. 


Sublime vacuum towels are also cheaper than other towels on the market, but the quality is equal to expensive towels. You can be sure that your clients will not feel stuffy after using these towels in your spa. 


High absorbent 


Because the empty kitchen towels are made of microfiber material, they are highly absorbent and can dry customers very effectively. Therefore, they do not need to receive more than one towel to dry, which saves laundry costs. 


Increase brand awareness 


With your logo on the towel, you can be sure that customers will vividly remember their pampering experience. An image associated with a beautiful experience can stick better in people’s minds. Plus, if your customers are social media savvy, a photo of their luxury time with a towel can be a great moment to share online. 


If you want to create an ad, an attractive and creative image of a spa with a towel in the foreground can engage your audience and invite them to book a session. 




A luxurious spa experience is something people rarely reward themselves with. These moments are special. And providing quality amenities is essential to enhancing your guests’ spa experience. Your customers should feel important, and providing them with soft, high-quality towels will make them feel truly important and valued as a customer.


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