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The m² Club is a global group of over a thousand people from various industries working together to improve the current situation for future generations. Squak Mountain Club believes in personal responsibility for the preservation of this mountain.


Sqm club helps sqm club members accurately and efficiently calculate their CO2 emissions, allowing them to save money through simple activities at home, work or school. The Sqm Club does this by offering tools that allow members to easily monitor their carbon footprint (emissions) and provide members with valuable and relevant information.


Sqm club has developed an online calculator to assist members in determining their CO2 emissions based on products or services offered by sqm club and also offers advice on how members can save money by taking simple actions at home, work or school; all this contributes to reducing the CO2 emissions of club members by m².


The Sqm Club was founded in 2009 and has helped members save 1,675,433 tons of CO2 since its inception (as of January 2015). It has members in Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Poland and Singapore. Sqm Club believes that by following Sqm Club guidelines and tools, members can improve their quality of life while protecting the environment for future generations.


What is the purpose of the Sqm club?

Individuality is decisive for the success of the m2 club. The Squak Mountain Club is a non-profit organization founded in 1954. Its mission is to protect Squak Mountain for the benefit of the public, education and scientific research.


SMC believes that a small group of dedicated volunteers could have a significant impact on the mountain. Members do not work for the Square Meter Club, but instead offer their time and talents to help it achieve its goals.


Interesting statistics and facts of the Sqm club

Sqm is one such organization that was created to help reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality. It is all too easy to forget that some individuals and corporations care about our environment. And its inhabitants. Advantica founded m2 as a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental issues. SqM is compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops and smartphones. SqM tracks a variety of metrics, including mileage, fuel economy. And engine oil consumption. SqM uses high-altitude ballooning (HAB). Which is sometimes referred to as near-space flight. Advantica operates the largest network of SqM receivers in the world. Sqm is a simple calculation.


SqM is completely free software that you can download and install on your computer. CO2 emissions on your journeys are calculated in square meters. SqM is used for a variety of purposes, including tracking mobile phone charges. Sqm is available in several different languages. SqM has released an app that allows schools and colleges to monitor and report on air quality. Anyone interested in measuring air quality can do some research using the Sqm tools. Sqm Club makes its entire database available to the public via the Internet.


What are the benefits of being a Sqm Club member?

The Sqm Club Carbon Footprint Tracker is a smartphone app that tracks an individual’s carbon footprint.



One of the many benefits of joining a club is the opportunity to meet new people. Due to the enormous number of club members, you will be forced to complete at least some of them. Additionally, they may encourage you to join events outside the group to meet new individuals. Therefore, if your social circle has shrunk or you have recently moved, visit your favorite club.



Another benefit of joining a club is that it allows you to exercise consistently. Sometimes, especially in winter, we can be quite exhausted when we leave the house. As a result, we stay at home and experience loneliness. If you attend weekly group sessions, you will incorporate them into your journey. The more you achieve, the more authority you have.



Joining a sports club is an excellent way to increase your fitness level. Exercise itself can be uncomfortable, and it’s easy to talk yourself out of going for a run. Clubs provide discounted access to a range of different sporting activities. Why not try a game you’ve never considered before?



If you are interested in a new job, joining the club provides an opportunity to learn more about the field. Let’s say you’re interested in gardening but don’t know where to start. Garden club members will have years of gardening experience and will be happy to offer their knowledge on practical topics such as sowing seeds, pest control and plant propagation.



One of the benefits of joining a club is that it will often provide discounts for its members. This can range from cultural activities to special discounts with local businesses. In addition, discounts are often offered on things needed for group activities.



When you join a social group, your social schedule fills up quickly. These clubs plan so many activities for their members that you will have to choose which ones to visit. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have time for other activities – like work! Community groups are an excellent alternative if you are moving to an unfamiliar place.



Finally, clubs provide a fantastic opportunity for networking, both professionally and socially. Your new friends will introduce you to other personalities they know – you may even meet your future partner this way! If you own a small business, joining a relevant club provides growth prospects and access to professional experience.

How can I become a Sqm club member?

Joining the SqM Club is easy! All you need is to follow these steps:


1.) Get a free copy of SqM Club from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or the SqM website.


2.) Create an account with SqM Club using your SqM or Facebook account.


3.) Enter the ABCD code of the SqM club.

How does this club measure up?

There are two SQM clubs (one in North Carolina and one in South Carolina). The SQM club in North Carolina has about five members who delivered 14 bars in each first week of activity; another Italian club SQM has around 10 members who produced between nine and ten in the first week. This aggregated data equals approximately 8,000 Wh/day!

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