Which Packaging Is Best for Glass Candles

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Good packaging not only gives protection but also decreases the appearance of the product. Once you successfully increased equality of the product, it is your time to enhance the packaging. It is important in a brand that you deliver a proper look to customers. It not only benefits customers but also attracts everyone.


Some candles don’t need too much care but some are fragile. If we talk about glass candles, they are the ones that need extra care. If you don’t do so, your customers may receive a broken product. Because of that, you may get bad reviews and this degrades your brand.


In this article, you will find out the proper packaging for glass candles. As you know, it is a delicate item that needs extra care. If you found out what should be highlighted while packaging, then you can easily design by yourself. 

Packaging type to deem for your product

Packaging plays a vital role in the presentation. Let’s take a look at different types of packaging options that are available in the market to enhance your product as well as your customer experience.


Cardboard box

Boxes are manufactured from a special blend of pure craft and recycled paper. Paper Boxes are generally used when the total weight is unlikely to exceed. It can be easily cut and manufactured to create custom shapes and structures.


The great benefit of that they can easily be recycled and reused. If we compare plastic boxes to these boxes, they are much more stable and less flexible. It has barrier properties and can be used in the packaging of candles. Additionally, it can be printed so you can add any type of the design you want. As it is both purposes; protecting and designing


Corrugated box

It is used for large shipping and storage boxes. The main raw material that is used to construct the corrugated board is mostly recycled paper. These types of boxes are reused and recycled again and again as a source of pulp fiber.


If you are doing the business of shipping and trading candles here and there, configurated boxes are the way to go. If you use a cardboard box and your product is fragile then it may come in danger. Because these boxes do o not provide much protection. Use bubble wrap or tissue or anything extra for protection. 


But you don’t have to worry about protection if you are using a corrugated box. They contain three layers that make you satisfied in terms of support. These boxes are also eco-friendly and cost-effective as compared to other boxes. You also have the choice customized option where you can add the logo and tagline that also work as brand awareness.

Kraft paper material 

The most obvious and suitable option for glass candles is kraft paper material. They are sturdy and flexible, which gives you satisfaction in terms of safety. However, there are many boxes and materials for packaging but if you are looking for something delicate and heavy items, try kraft material. 


They are specially made for these types of packaging. As an example, if you see a wine bottle, its material can be molded into any size and shape. Additionally, the obvious benefit of these materials is that they decrease lignin content and increase sulfur. In various places, it shows more durability than normal boxes. Moreover, it is entirely safe for the environment and will not affect human health anyways.


There are many materials you can use in the packaging like rigid boxes, corrugated boxes, kraft paper, and many more. These are the important factors to influence customers to buy the product. However, it is the saying people that proper packaging can make them trust the brand.


Additionally, you can design colors aesthetic graphics to attract the eye. These factors may not be much notable for you as a seller but it creates an image in front of customers. You indeed have to invest a little bit more money but once you apply that, you will see the change in sales by yourself.


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