What Type Of Printer Do You Need To Print Books?

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If you are a journalist, novelist, author, or critic, you must print bundles of books and guides. You know better how hard it is to select the ideal printer matching your word needs and requirements. You are always eager for the updated printing device that aids you in publishing your books innovatively and uniquely.

It would be best if you had extensive prints daily, and you can’t get time from your hectic life and wandering for the printing shop. Therefore, you must choose a printer that fulfils all your requirements, for instance, the book’s size, the number of copies required, printing type, binding and printing style. Based on your needs and requirements, we explain here what type of printer you need to print books. So, stay with us here to explore the best printer for you.

Top 10 Printers for Printing Books

The process of choosing a reliable book printer is very challenging for publishers. You must consider the wide range of features, such as binding techniques, paper stock, and aesthetics designs, while purchasing or leasing your printer. You might also consider the cost of special equipment or devices if you want to do it yourself instead of using the local copy shop for your binding and finishing.

So, here we shed light on the top printers that aid you in printing your book.

1. Xerox Versant 280 Press

With the Xerox Versant 280 press, you can manage your print operations more accurately and faster. It would benefit you as you connect it with your tablet, laptop, or phone via Wifi, USB cable, and Ethernet to get quality prints. Its bright and luminous printing toners boost the eminence of gold, silver, white, fluorescent yellow fluorescent cyan, and fluorescent magenta to your outlets or applications.

It is also compatible with using Google Cloud Print to print, scan, or mail documents more easily. It is more feasible for you if you get the lease printer for your printing requirements rather than buying it to upgrade your printer within the time or requirement. Therefore, you have to explore the services of Printer Rental Abu Dhabi to get an authentic production printer with a high-speed and performance package.

2. Xerox Color EC70

The multifunctional Xerox Color EC70 is best for high-end departmental, quick, graphic communications, and franchise or in-plant printers. Beyond CMYK digital print, it offers an adaptive CMYK+ Vivid Kit, which includes glimmering gold, bright white, and clear and sparkling silver toner to get the ideal printing books outlets. Moreover, you can copy, email, fax, scan, or print with advanced technology and deliver a wide range of designs and color schemes.

3. The Epson Workforce

It is the lightest-weight printer with a mass of 16.09 ounces. It also allows you to print wirelessly with WIFI, USB, Ethernet, Smart App, and Google Cloud Apps. You may easily connect with all your smart devices, for instance, mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and more. It provides quality prints based on the 4-color cartridge.

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4. Xerox Versant 4100 Press

With the assistance of this technology, you can manage time-consuming tasks more efficiently via smart automation and touch-free quality control. It will assist you in boosting your outcomes by providing the PredictPrint Media Manager to handle the density, media alignment, color calibration, and uniformity along with the Full-Width Array. It might assist you in printing your books in a diverse range and protect your confidential information and data more operatively.

5. Xerox ED95A/ED125

It provides professional and polished copy or booklets based on high-quality photos, texts, and graphics. It also has openings for scanning, mailing, faxing, copying, and printing with faster and outstanding image quality. If you want to print books at home, it is a premium opportunity to consume both black and tri-color cartridge Ink.

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6. Xerox IGEN 5 Press

With the assistance of Xerox IGEN 5 press, you can meet your printing needs wirelessly by using advanced printing tools such as Wifi Direct, Ethernet, USB cable, Google Cloud, Smart App, or Air Print. Moreover, with advanced automation, you can get guaranteed printing productivity to print more and cost fewer scenarios. Also, the 5th print station helps you provide blue, Orange, Green, White, and Yellow Fluorescent Ink to bestow diverse high-value printing developments. It might assist you in getting quality prints by consuming fewer ink cartridges.

The 35″/889mm extra-long sheet size of the IGEN 5 Press supports you in unlocking potential applications and boosting your printing productivity in less time. Therefore, you must explore the Xerox Printer dealer in Abu Dhabi to get high-quality printing products. It might assist you in meeting your current and future needs along with the protection and ultimate configuration flexibility.

Bottom Line

You have a wide range of printing products according to your printing requirements. Before hiring your printing devices, you must consider the ink cartridges and paper types you can use with the equipment. These factors assist in choosing the appropriate printer for your printing books. Therefore, explore your best printing firm and get your favorite printer now.

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