Things You Must Know Before Washington DC Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty or a nose job is one of the most popular surgeries performed across the world. Indeed, the developed world has seen numerous surgeries taking place each day. From top celebs to executives, and sales personnel as well as models and people in showbiz, having the nose improved to look good is an aspiration that is being fulfilled daily. Well, there is nothing wrong if you are motivated to do the same, either.

The only thing that you may remember is to contact one of the skilled and experienced surgeons before having the Washington DC Rhinoplasty scheduled.

Individuals are often dissatisfied with their appearance. However, most are not motivated enough to take it up as a challenge. For others, it is purely for cosmetic reasons that will enable them to become more attractive. On the other hand, doctors often advise rhinoplasty for patients involved in an accident or to eliminate breathing disorders that are evident from birth.

Reasons To Consider Washington DC Rhinoplasty

It is difficult to understand the purpose when you just mention cosmetic reasons. The medical professional would like to know more about your desire and purpose to go under the knife. It is interesting to learn that the following are listed as the most prominent causes of undergoing a nose job:-

  • An exceptionally big or wide nose
  • A tiny nose or nostrils
  • A bump on the nose
  • A hooked nose
  • A nose that droops at the tip
  • Uneven nostrils
  • A broken nose
  • Deviated septum

The last feature can be the result of a birth defect. Correcting it via rhinoplasty can go a long way to eliminate breathing issues and other complications.

Are you a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

Well, you cannot claim to be a perfect candidate unless you are examined by a medical professional. While most individuals can undergo the procedure, the skilled surgeon recommends the following for people hoping to opt for a nose job for cosmetic reasons:-

  • People who enjoy good general health
  • Non-smokers or people who have quit smoking for years
  • People with realistic expectations

It is important to study the procedures s that you have realistic expectations and are not anguished about finding the truth. It is most important to know that rhinoplasty is not a simple surgical procedure. On the contrary, it is quite complicated and our surgeon would have to remain focused for performing it properly. No worries! The best clinics across the USA employ only the top surgeons with the requisite skills and years of experience to perform a nose job.

Recovery Period

It is a misconception to expect discharge and recovery within days of the surgery. Instead, you would have to remain in the hospital/clinic the night of the surgery. You may experience pain and swelling at the site of the surgery. Proper rest can be the only way to recover properly. Be prepared to take a week or 10 days off from work.

You are sure to improve your appearance following Washington DC Rhinoplasty which is performed by a widely experienced surgeon.

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