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When you think of the word “youtubers,” the first thing that probably comes to mind is someone who spends their days filming themselves eating cereal or playing video games. However, what you may not know is that there are also a number of popular YouTubers who specialize in flying small planes – known as float planes. Floats are fascinating machines, and while they have many advantages, they can also be quite dangerous. In fact, one in three fatal small plane accidents is caused by a YouTube sensation flying a float plane. This blog post discusses the dangers of youtube stars flying small planes and how you can protect yourself from their mistakes.

What is a Youtuber?

what is a youtuber


A YouTuber or YouTube celebrity is a person who produces and posts videos on the popular video sharing website YouTube. These individuals typically create and post short video clips (or “channels”) that can be about a wide variety of topics. Some famous YouTubers include PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, and Tyler Oakley.

The Dark Side of Youtubers

The dark side of YouTube stars has become all too real. Many YouTubers have huge followings and boast impressive statistics, but behind the scenes their lives are far from perfect.


One disturbing trend among some of YouTube’s biggest stars is harming animals for fun or profit. These YouTubers often film themselves inflicting pain and suffering on innocent animals for the entertainment of their viewers. In some cases, the videos have been viewed millions of times and have even led to criminal prosecutions.


Some of these celebrities have even gone so far as to brutally kill small animals for their video content. This includes throwing puppies off tall buildings, filming bears being chased by dogs, and placing snakes in painful positions.


In addition to harming animals, some YouTube stars abuse children to get views for their videos. Some parents have complained that they were not informed that their children were participating in these types of videos until after they were filmed.


YouTube has tried to crack down on this behavior by demonetizing many of these videos and removing them from search results. However, it is difficult to punish anyone who engages in this type of behavior because many channels are only active for a short period of time.

Why are they popular?

Youtubers are popular for different reasons. Some people enjoy watching people they know and admire share their lives online, while others find the cheerful nature of most Youtubers refreshing. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that these stars have struck a chord with millions of fans around the world. Here’s a look at some of the dark sides of YouTuber popularity.


  1. Financial dependence on advertising revenue


Most YouTubers rely heavily on ad revenue to make ends meet. This means that many of them are constantly forced to push advertising content to make money, which can lead to poor video quality and overall negative brand perception.


  1. Lack of transparency


Many YouTubers keep their personal lives extremely private, which means fans don’t always have access to information about their background or what drives them professionally. This can create a sense of mystery and intrigue, but it can also lead to uncertainty about the validity of some celebrity claims.


  1. Manipulative behavior


Not all Youtubers are created equal and some have been known to use their platforms to manipulate viewers into believing things that simply aren’t true. This type of behavior can be incredibly emotionally and financially damaging, leading to some viewers becoming disillusioned with the YouTube ecosystem as a whole.

The danger of youtube

The danger of youtube


If one thing is clear, it’s that the internet is a dangerous place. Whether you’re lurking in dark corners or just mindlessly browsing the web, we all know that clicking on any link can hurt us. But what about YouTube?


Although most people find YouTube to be a fun and entertaining platform, there are also dangers associated with using it. One of the most common ways people injure themselves online is by doing stunts or trying dangerous activities they see in videos.


For example, one young woman attempted a backflip off a bridge and ended up falling into the water below. Another man smashed his head through an aquarium window after watching a how-to video. And then there are the more serious cases: In March of this year, two teenagers died after filming themselves driving off a cliff near Los Angeles — their car crashed as they tried to drive off the ledge.


So why are these videos so dangerous? Well, for one thing, many of them are shot without proper safety precautions. For example, some people use unsecured cars or set up makeshift ramps that could easily collapse. And then there are the stunts: Many people don’t realize how dangerous some of these stunts are until it’s too late.


It’s really important to be careful when browsing YouTube – don’t

How do they fly?

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the flying machines used by popular online vloggers. The most famous type is the float plane, which is flown using a large fan engine in the front that propels the plane through the air. But what else do these strange creatures have up their sleeves? Let’s take a look at some of the secrets of these oddly shaped planes!


Engines that produce thrust in all directions uses float planes. This is why they are often seen hovering in strange positions or making tight turns – all part of the act!


Many floatplanes also have forward-facing propellers to create lift and help guide the plane down for landing. Finally, many vloggers use small planes simply because they are more stable and easier to control than large ones.


I hope this article gave you a better understanding of the dark side of YouTube celebrity floatplane pilots. While they may seem like harmless guys just having fun, these pilots can often be misguided and dangerous when it comes to flying their planes. If you’re thinking of hiring one of these pilots to take you on a flight, make sure you do your research first and make sure they’re qualified and experienced enough to get you up into the sky safely.

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