The 2023 Guide to Finding the Best Lead Provider for B2B Companies

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 If you can’t find leads, you can’t generate sales. That’s all. Therefore, creating your top leads is an important part of your sales funnel.Read this article if you need help determining your sales funnel. However, finding key suppliers can be a lot of work. 


Lead Providers are key to generating leads for your business. They offer many lead generation methods. Compare  top lead providers to generate leads for your business. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 


LinkedIn has transformed the way over 500 million business professionals in more than 200 countries communicate, making it a valuable resource for B2B companies. Getting started with social selling can be difficult, but it is essential to the success of his B2B business today. 

  LinkedIn can be used to some extent for social selling, but LinkedIn Sales Navigator has filters and tools to help you refine your search to identify your ideal customer profile, build the right customer list, and increase your chances of conversion. It has a function. You can filter millions of leads  to find leads that are relevant to your business. 



SalesIntel is his customer service centric B2B data provider, offering everything from mobile phone numbers to intent data. Additional human verification adds a high degree of accuracy to the decision maker’s contact information.  

Sales What’s the best thing about Intel customer service? – If you have a list of prospects that are not in the SalesIntel database,  use Research on Demand to get the missing data in  hours. 

The free RevDriver Chrome plugin allows you to search for customers in real-time and get reputable companies and contact information. You can easily gather information about people and organizations by browsing their LinkedIn profile, website, or other pages related to your business. SalesIntel is recognized as the best alternative to ZoomInfo as it offers a wide range of data, features and more data accessibility at an affordable price. 



Cognism is a great sales intelligence tool. Organisations use AI and human verification to generate company and event data for new companies. Joining the website gives you  access to technical data, company data, emails and phone numbers. 

 This application offers a simple mobile app and a Chrome extension. We also maintain a do-not-call list so as not  to annoy consumers. Reduce manual research, administration, and calls to the wrong number. 


ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence platform with an extensive contact database that can support your sales team with lead generation, market research and insight-driven interactions. Provides B2B analytics and company contact information to help with your go-to-market strategy. 

 You can obtain executive phone numbers and verified email addresses, as well as key business relationships such as: B. Chief Strategy Officer or  Senior Sales Executive. However,  to access data such as direct dial, intent data, etc., you will have to pay an additional fee. Prospect lists can also be used to increase sales leads and conversion rates. is looking for valuable customers or customer email addresses. Enter the company name and you will receive an email from the company. With Hunter, you can start your B2B lead generation process by finding the email address of the contact you want to target. 

 We provide lead generation services for email search and email verification. You can get your first email address on the website, but first you need to create a free account.  


 LeadFuze allows you to collect contact information for specific individuals or all employees in your company. 

 You can enter a comprehensive list of companies to find everyone in a particular department within those companies. Additionally, if you want to use Leadfuze as your only automation system. 


LeadFuze’s AI list builder, Fuzebot, can be configured to automatically add new daily leads that match your criteria to your list. 



 FindThatLead is a business-to-business lead generation platform that includes lead search, email verifier, email sender, social search, and prospector. Support sales reps with daily lead serving, connecting with industry decision makers, prospect screening, and automating the lead generation process. 

 FindThatLead speeds up finding the right leads for your sales team. Instead of idly waiting for prospective customers, there are crowded sales floors where salespeople spend more time  closing new deals over the phone. 

Voila Norbert 

 Voila Norbert is another of her B2B lead generation programs that can help you generate great leads. 

 Voila Norbert is  market research software that helps you find new email addresses. 

 Like most lead generation companies, Voila Norbert helps  identify ways to engage people for sales, recruitment, content marketing, and business development. 

 It also provides an API and several connectors to integrate into your marketing stack. 


 Aeroleads is a web-based software solution  for finding email addresses and other information about new leads on sites such as LinkedIn, Crunchbase and AngelList. If available, this tool will also provide the website address and contact information for each new contact, such as phone number and email address. You can  aggregate these and export them as a CSV file to find leads. A Chrome add-on lets you convert LinkedIn prospects into leads. 


 There are various major providers in the market. Each company offers a unique service to generate customer leads. Each company’s approach to lead generation is unique. It’s all about which provider fits your checklist of important providers best.


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