Healthcare Care Reform – Why Are People Working So Much?

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What is it that makes Americans getting so excited about reforms to health care? A few statements like “don’t alter the benefits of my Medicare” and “everyone ought to have access modern health care regardless of the cost” are, to me, insufficient and uninformed reactions that suggest a poor knowledge of our health system’s history as well as its present and future resources , and the financial problems that America is facing in the future. We all have questions about how the health system is now at what some call the crisis stage. Let’s try to remove some of the anger out of the discussion by examining briefly the process by which health care in the United States was born and how it has created our culture and thought regarding health care. As a starting point, we can look at the benefits and drawbacks of the Obama administration’s health reforms.

Access to cutting-edge healthcare facilities is something we all agree is beneficial for this nation. However, as we will discover, once we have the facts, we’ll realize that reaching this goal isn’t simple without our personal contribution.

These are the topics I’ll explore to attempt to make sense of what’s happening with American health care , and what actions we can take personally to improve things.

  • A brief record of American health care. What caused the cost to be to be so high?
  • Essential aspects in The Obama healthcare plan
  • The Republican conception of healthcare – free market competition
  • Access to universal access to the latest health care is a noble but difficult goal to achieve.
  • What are we able to do?

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