Star Swim Schools: Friendly Staff and Safe Environment

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Star Swim Schools was founded on the belief that water skills and safety are invaluable life lessons for young Babies. We provide quality instruction with fun learning environments to ensure our graduates gain valuable skills and safety when in the water.

Star Swimming School provides a safe and friendly learning environment with small group classes, heated indoor pools, friendly staff members, and an inviting environment – making it the ideal place for you to develop and flourish.

Small Group Classes

Small group classes provide the ideal environment for personalized attention and developmentally appropriate learning. Children are paired with peers of similar age and swimming skill level, playing games to practice water safety skills, encouraging one another, listening with respect to differences, and cooperating in a fun yet secure manner.

Swimming classes clyde introduces students to freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke with side breathing (rhythmic breathing). Proper stroke technique and breathing are stressed.

This class is for students who have graduated from Clown Fish but need to continue honing their freestyle and backstroke techniques as well as breathing techniques. Swimmers will begin swimming the full length of our pool without using a kickboard while honing their technique on backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle strokes.

These seven 30-minute group lessons take place once a week on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Be sure to register online as spaces fill up quickly!

Heated Indoor Pool

This boutique swim school has your little ones’ needs covered for the cooler months with its heated indoor pool. Offering small group classes and private lessons to choose from, your little water bug will be swimming in no time!

This sophisticated campus offers something special for the whole family. With 25 yards of the pool and a cutting-edge fitness center, there’s something here for everyone – but its most impressive addition is a therapy pool featuring heated saltwater.

New Jersey is home to one of the region’s finest swim clubs. Not only do they provide the standard pool and sauna, but also a full-service spa, weight training classes, and group fitness activities – the list is endless! Membership at their top-notch facilities is the best value you’ll find in the area – though there is a $30 joiner’s fee which is typical across Jersey Shore communities.

Friendly Staff

Star Swim Schools is a small but cozy pool facility that provides swimming lessons clyde for kids. The friendly staff are well trained and eager to provide your child with an enjoyable learning experience. Not only that, but they’re helpful when rescheduling classes due to illness or other unexpected circumstances as well. Furthermore, they know how to keep the pool clean and tidy too!

They offer a range of toys to keep your child amused and contented, such as an expansive inflatable play area or dedicated floatation zone for water babies – all free-of-charge to parents! I highly recommend taking your children to this swim club; their staff is welcoming, the facilities are state of the art, and all pools are heated throughout the year for optimal learning environments. I can personally attest that my son had an absolutely wonderful experience there!

Safe Environment

Star Swim Schools prioritize providing a secure environment for your child when they learn to swim. Their instructors will teach your child the necessary skills and safety techniques so they can feel confident in the water while avoiding injuries or accidents while they practice.

Star Aquatics emphasizes teaching and reinforcing stroke fundamentals, as well as pool safety. Instructors also work with children to instill positive character values.

All classes are conducted under supervision, with teachers adhering to Australian Association of Swimming Teachers guidelines and holding a current swimming and water safety licence. Furthermore, they must possess both a resuscitation and first aid certificate. This ensures all staff possess emergency management competency as well as rescue/resuscitate students in an aquatic setting – this includes being able to communicate with other members of the emergency team when needed. Furthermore, facilities must adhere to standards established by state, local, and industry authorities regarding safety standards, water purity levels and sanitation conditions.

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