Seven Wonder City

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New housing societies have entered the market as a result of the growth of the Islamabad Capital Territory. One of them, Seven Wonders City Islamabad, provides customers with a unique offering. This home development will stand out from others thanks to its avant-garde architecture, which will give it a metropolitan feel.


It is a unique project that will add to the beauty of the nation’s capital and provide accommodation for a significant number of people. The goal of the developers is to turn it into one of the best housing societies in the world, where people may live in true luxury and comfort.


It is located close to Islamabad International Airport and not far from Islamabad Nova City. The M9 Islamabad-Karachi Motorway is also close by. Furthermore, due to its central location, the community is easily accessible from Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


Seven Wonders City Peshawar:

Following the incredible success of 7 Wonder City Islamabad, GFS Builders is providing investors with a new choice. “Seven Wonders City Peshawar” is a new venture that is being unveiled. The project offers a high-end lifestyle with contemporary comforts at a reasonable cost.


You will enjoy a wonderful living experience thanks to Seven Wonders City Peshawar’s convenient and opulent housing plan. It is currently traveling to a brand-new real estate location, which offers investors a fantastic opportunity.


7 Wonders City Peshawar is situated in Garhi Momin. The project is around a 10-minute drive from Peshawar Toll Plaza. The Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway makes it simple to reach the location. Additionally, there are numerous neighboring shopping malls, medical facilities, and educational facilities in this region. Future growth will continue in this area. People can live comfortably and easily if they are close to all services and amenities.


Pricing Plans:

At the moment, Seven Wonders City is accessible with the pre-launch pricing. In addition to gauging public opinion and choosing future rates mostly based on the interests of the general public, pre-launch rates are also published. Similar to Seven Wonders City Islamabad, plot sizes of 5 marlas, 7 marlas, and 10 marlas have been introduced. The down payment, rates, and revised payment plan for 7 Wonders City Peshawar therefore appear to be reasonable.



The Seven Wonders City Islamabad housing complex offers all the conveniences under one roof. You are free to enjoy all the facilities in this residential and business area, from education to health, from dining to exercise. The following amenities are available to residents of the housing society.


Basic Utilities:

If you are living in this era, you do not need to worry about the basic amenities. The provision of basic utilities, including water, gas, power, and security, is the developers’ first priority.


Educational Facilities:

There are several educational zones included in this housing development. In addition, there are nearby institutions, academies, and schools that might provide the best learning conditions for the residents.


Medical Facilities:

The availability of high-quality healthcare for the residents is not ignored by the designers of 7 Wonders City. The master design includes a range of pharmacies and clinics to offer the people the best medical care.


Markets and Shopping Malls:

Markets and neighborhood stores are available throughout the neighborhood to meet residents’ needs. There are additional shops selling essentials. There are also a number of shopping malls nearby.


Parking Lot:

The parking area would be large enough for them to easily move or park their cars, and the residents’ cars would be completely secure.


Guidelines to follow before buying a property in Seven Wonders City:

The following guidelines must be adhered to before reserving a plot in 7 Wonders City:


Document Verification:

Please make sure to always double-check all of the documents to avoid any misinterpretations or misunderstandings. Before buying or selling any property, make careful to enquire about the NOC and authorization document provided by the developers that have been duly approved by the authorities. If there are any other means to satisfy the customer, your papers will still be valid in this regard.


 Financial stability:

Before finishing any sale or purchase of the property, please make sure that your funds and your purchasing strategy are in order. This will enable you to effectively execute your purchase or sale.


Visit The Site:

Before completing a purchase, visit the property to ensure that the written documentation complies with the purchase criteria and to verify its validity.



Seven Wonder City Islamabad and Peshawar offer all the modern living conveniences that make those cities ideal places to reside. You have access to the top amenities listed below if you’re a resident of this residential development.



2-Green street lighting


4-Ideal surroundings

5-Security personnel

6-Main Boulevard

7-Reasonable prices

8-Shopping malls

9-Neighborhood Club

10-Ventilation system

11-Roadways that are 30 to 80 feet wide and well carpeted

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