Seedtag 40m Series B Funding Led by Oakley Capital, Focused on U.S. Expansion

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seedtag 40m series

As a leading source of technology news. We understand the importance of staying on top of the latest industry trends. And developments. In this article, we’ll discuss Seedtag 40m Series And what it means for the future of the digital advertising landscape.


Seedtag, a Madrid-based digital advertising platform, recently announced that it has raised $40 million in Series B funding from Seedtag’s proprietary technology enables publishers to monetize their content through non-intrusive native ad placements that blend seamlessly with surrounding content.


The funding will be used to expand Seedtag’s operations globally, with a particular focus on the US market. This comes as no surprise given the growing demand for non-intrusive advertising solutions, particularly due to increased privacy concerns and ad-blocking technologies.


Seedtag’s success can be attributed to its ability to deliver relevant. Personalized advertising experiences that enhance the user’s overall browsing experience. With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Seedtag is well positioned to continue its growth trajectory and remain at the forefront of the digital advertising industry.


As the mermaid syntax diagram below shows, Seedtag’s technology is based on a three-step process: content analysis, audience analysis. And ad serving.

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