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Most real estate companies will perform various types of do real estate agents get drug. The first circumstance that prompts these companies to drug test is when relatives apply for jobs that are subject to federally mandated security testing. In this case, you could be involved in real estate, with the government as your employer. Common tests you will need to undergo include urine and hair follicle tests. For the first one, you can easily get away with using synthetic urine. However, to get through the latter, you need a combination of a healthy diet and a detoxifying hair shampoo. This article looks at how the hair follicle test is done and how you can pass it as a real estate agent.


When does a real estate agent take a drug test?


Most employers in this sector will inform estate agents about drug tests in advance. They do this mainly to save time and money that could be used to test all employees. In addition, these companies would like to save you embarrassment because those who are afraid of failure will withdraw in time. Some employers in the real estate sector will usually conduct drug tests before giving you job offers. Others will perform tests regularly.


Can you pass the hair follicle test?


Yes. It is entirely possible to pass this test. However, you need to undergo a hair detox using a hair follicle detox shampoo. Even though some individuals will tell you to shave off all your body hair, this will only raise suspicion as a result. In addition, this may be considered a drug test refusal. You can get detox shampoo from online legitimate sellers in advance and follow the specific instructions they commit you to easily beat the test. There are multiple ways to detox your hair to pass the hair follicle test. You can go to for more details.


Can a legitimate medical prescription lead to a failed hair test?


To a large extent no. Many employers in the real estate sector will use a medical review officer whose role it is to ensure that if you take the prescribed medication you will still be eligible for a particular position. In this case, when this officer encounters a non-negative result, you will be contacted for five medical explanations. A medical review helps keep your company from knowing your private information.


Are Legalization Laws Affecting Hair Follicle Drug Testing?


You will fund that the legalization of marijuana in various states has complicated drug testing procedures. However, federally mandated tests do not recognize the legalization of even safer substances such as CBD, which is also found in hemp. To avoid getting into trouble as a real estate agent, try to use a hair follicle detoxifying shampoo. Buy it online and have it delivered to your door

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