Pointers To Remember To Avoid Immigration Scam

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Fraudulent immigration businesses are frequent. These companies have stolen customers’ money. Fake immigration businesses are everywhere. News reports daily about immigration fraud. The immigration system has lost public trust. Many students have trouble choosing an immigration legal company. They always feel duped.

It might be difficult to put your trust in the immigration counselor given the current circumstances. If you can find a trustworthy counselor, studying abroad may be easier than you expect. Immigration services help customers with administrative and legal procedures for moving abroad. Using a qualified specialist to aid with immigration may be simpler. If you need immigration counsel, contact Jalandhar’s finest immigration consultant. They’re industry-savvy and can provide guidance.

Read the pointers stated below to remain alert while picking a visa consultant

Make sure the consultant is  ICCRC-member

ICCRC oversees immigration consultant licensing and certification. On the website of the ICCRC, you will have the opportunity to discover more about the immigration consultant that you have chosen. Enter your immigration advisor’s information (last name, first name, RCIC number, company name). After you’ve completed those steps, click the “Search” button. It shouldn’t be difficult to confirm that your immigration lawyer is who they say they are. The ICCRC will serve as the centralized registration location for all legal immigration consultants. If your agency isn’t authorized, look elsewhere. The website lets you check an immigration lawyer’s license. ICCRC has immigration information and contact information.

Test their knowledge

Ask immigration counselors about services. Make sure they’re knowledgeable. If your queries are addressed, ponder them. Also, you should investigate the company to understand as much as possible. Check the immigration service’s accuracy. Questions? Ask the professionals. You invest a lot of money and trust them to help you reach your goal. Therefore your inquiries and concerns should be addressed. This prevents fraud.

Sign no blank documents

Check all application info before submitting. Never sign blank or unfiled pages. Include your submitted form. Make sure the immigration office confirms receipt. Always get a federal filing receipt from your consultant. Follow the happenings closely.

Stay wary of empty-promising counselors

Make sure you are beware of consultants that promise rapid application outcomes. Processing of immigration benefits applications cannot be assured. Visas may be challenging for several reasons. Medical tests, background checks, and form re-issuance might delay the application procedure. Therefore an immigration lawyer may establish a timeframe (say, 10-12 weeks). Your immigration application’s approval is uncertain. This is a visa officer’s discretionary judgment. You won’t know your application’s status until you get the visa officer’s written decision.

Prior experience

You should work with an immigration company that has prior expertise. A very small fraction of immigration firms engages in intentional deception against students about the immigration experiences of others. Stay away from groups like that. Also, find out how successful the agency has been. A company that has a high percentage of rejected applicants is not a desirable business. The level of expertise that this company has in its field is of the utmost importance. It is critical to know how clients evaluate the work of consultants. should have a sufficient level of understanding about the past of the organization in order to decide. You will be able to avoid fraudulent businesses by doing so.

Avoid  paying all payments in cash

The following payment methods are accepted online: credit cards, debit cards, checks, and money orders. Not all situations call for the use of cash. Be sure not to overspend. It is essential that you keep this in mind. It takes around four or five days for checks to pass. You have up to four days to make changes to or cancel your reservation.

 An immigration consultant will not put you in a hurry to make a payment. Their skilled staff will provide assistance to you in taking all of the required precautions. Cons are required to use a certain payment method. They need the money as soon as possible. Worried about unlawful visa consultants? Well, we advise you to connect with these consultants who can help you obtain a USA student visa easily.


It’s crucial to find a reputable immigration business if you want to study abroad. Scam organizations exist to take from gullible pupils. Read the tips above to avoid fraudulent immigration services.

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