Martin Cabello Biography, Career and Social Media

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Martin Cabello Biography and Career

Martin Cabello was born on November 29, 1977 in the United States of America. He is a social media star and vlogger known for his videos on religion, quantum physics and mental health. Martin Cabello is a popular Instagram social media influencer from the United States. In this article, we will talk about Martin Cabell’s biography, career, social media presence, notable works and family, so read the article till the end.



Despite his early success on Twitter, it wasn’t until he started posting photos of himself on Instagram that Martin Cabello really hit the ground running. His stunning looks and confident screen presence gave him the aura of a model, and he quickly amassed thousands of followers who eagerly awaited his photos.


However, he remains the most popular on Instagram, where he has over 527,000 followers. He has also collaborated with other big names on social media, such as on his Instagram, which has increased his popularity.



Martin Cabello has repeatedly criticized the US military in his videos, claiming that the military is involved in various illegal activities such as human trafficking, drug sales, and spying on civilians. He is often filmed eating raw non-vegan foods such as eggs, meat and insects, and claims that these foods improve his metabolism and immune system.


He also tried to consume bee and wasp venom, which resulted in an allergic reaction. In addition to his controversial food beliefs, he claims that sugar directly damages the brain.


Twitter and Instagram

Martin Cabello started his Twitter account in May 2014 and sent his first tweet on November 23, 2017. He was also active on Instagram. He posted short videos on his account in which he discussed various topics such as physics, mental health and religion.


He also started posting pictures and videos of his fitness progress while on his weight loss journey. Martin made nearly 15,000 posts and had approximately 12,000 followers before his account was terminated in August 2019.


He quickly created a new account “@anonguides” which was also quickly deleted. Martin launched his latest Instagram account ‘@ti me to mass so I exist’ on September 21, 2019 and now has almost 500,000 followers and over 6,000 posts. He now has an account in his name that goes by the name “Martin Cabelo all”.


His bio says this is also a new account, it seems his accounts are frequently deleted by the platform. He has around 350 followers and hasn’t posted much on this account.


A short biography of Martin Cabell

Martin Cabello grew up in the Northwestern United States. After graduating from the local high school, he did not pursue a college education, but instead joined the US Army. Martin currently lives in South Hill, Washington, an area notorious for sex trafficking and plagued by a foster care crisis.


He worked in Catholic Community Services where he assisted sexually abused children and drug mules. Martin described his work as dangerous and accused government officials of sex trafficking.


Martin has been diagnosed with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, savant syndrome, OCD and synesthesia, with some fans suspecting that he also has schizophrenia.


We hope this Martin Cabello biographical article helps you understand his journey and work.

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