Junko Furuta

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Junko Furuta was a normal teenage girl who did not smoke, drink or use drugs. She was pretty and bright and had a lot of popularity at school.

One day she was riding her bike when she was allegedly attacked by a boy named Hiroshi Miyano. He raped her and took her home where she was tortured by four teenage boys.

She was 17 years old

Junko furuta was a 17-year-old high school student when she was kidnapped and raped by four teenage boys in 1988. She was attending Yashio-Minami High School in Misato, Saitama Prefecture, and worked part-time at an electronics store during after school hours.

She had a crush on one of the boys, Hiroshi Miyano, but she turned him down because she did not want to become a gang member. Miyano was an experienced rapist who had kidnapped women before.

As a result, Miyano and his friends began to harass and molest her. In the course of 44 days, they tortured her and raped her more than 500 times.

The savage acts of the four teenagers horrified the nation. Their brutality made them an object of fascination in the Japanese press and prompted people to question Japan’s juvenile laws.

At the end of 44 days, her captors dumped her in a 55-gallon drum filled with wet concrete and left it at an abandoned lot in Wakasu, Koto Ward, Tokyo. Her body was discovered there on March 30, 1989.

She was raped

Junko furuta was a bright, pretty high school student who was well-liked by her peers. She didn’t drink or smoke and had a good academic record.

She was riding her bike on November 25, 1988, when she was kidnapped by four teenage boys. They took her to Minato’s house.

The kidnappers, Shinji Minato and his friends Hiroshi Miyano, Jo Ogura, and Yasushi Watanabe, abused her for 44 days. She was raped, sodomized, and beaten.

They also inserted objects into her vagina and clitoris. This caused severe burns and tearing.

During this time, she tried to call the police to report her abuse but they caught her before she could talk.

Her captors then poured lighter fluid on her legs and feet to set them on fire, burned her eyelids with lighters and hot wax, and twisted her left nipple with pliers. These assaults severely damaged her legs and made her unrecognizable.

She was tortured

Junko Furuta was subjected to a prolonged, sustained and horrific assault. She was tortured by over 100 men and boys over the course of 40 days.

Her captors inserted objects into her vagina and anus, such as scissors, metal rods, bottles, and iron bars. They also raped her, forced her to dance naked and masturbate in front of them, lit fireworks inside her, pierced her nipples, and dropped heavy dumbbells on her head.

The rapes, beatings and starvation caused her internal organs to become damaged and unable to function. Her eyesight was deteriorating, and she was losing control of her bowels and bladder.

After she attempted to call for help, one of her abusers set her pubic hair on fire. This sparked further abuse and torture. She was beaten, kicked, and thrown to the floor for more than an hour. Her nipples were pierced and pulled off, she was scalded with a hot exploding light bulb, she was forced to drink large amounts of alcohol and milk, she was beaten with iron dumbbells and burned repeatedly with cigarettes.

She was killed

Junko furuta was a beautiful and innocent girl who was popular with her classmates. She was shy and didn’t drink or smoke, unlike most of her peers. She had an excellent job and planned to get married in the future.

He asked her out on a date but she respectfully but firmly declined. This angered Miyano.

He told her that he was part of the Yakuza, a powerful criminal organization in Japan.

Then, he brought her to a house that was a regular hangout for his gang. There, she was raped again and again.

The boys crossed all the boundaries of human rights and tortured her. They urinated on her, hit her with golf clubs, hung her from the ceiling and made her a punching bag, and smashed her stomach with dumbells. Her body was swollen, her eyes and genitals burned with cigarettes and hot wax, and one of her nipples was twisted with pliers. She was unable to walk after 20 days of this inhumane treatment and had to crawl down the stairs to use the bathroom.


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