JavaScript Frameworks and Their Uses

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Frameworks in JavaScript

Frameworks in JavaScript give JavaScript developers the building blocks for creating software so that they do not have to start from scratch. Thus, less effort is put into creating new things and more effort is put forward towards creating logic. Frameworks is a collection of libraries which provide specific functionalities, thus framework structurize the software. 


Framework vs Library

Libraries is a collection of code whereas framework is collection of libraries. Using frameworks provides a complete template. Using frameworks provides more organization and code efficiency than using libraries.

JavaScript Frameworks and Their Uses

Different frameworks are used for different purposes. JavaScript developers for hire can use completely JavaScript frameworks for entire web development and even mobile application development. For instance, if you want to develop native mobile applications then you can use react native and to develop websites and web applications you can use React or Angular for frontend and express or next for backend.

Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks

JS is one of the oldest languages and it has more frameworks than any other language. So, it has many frameworks but we will only be mentioning the popular ones here. To get, set, and go with your development project you should hire JS developers with the skills you need. Here are the most popular frameworks.


Node is a runtime environment which provides power of server-side scripting and using command line tools. With node you can run scripts on the server rather than client-side or front-end which increases the load speed. 


Vue uses MVMM structure which separates model (M) from UI (V) with viewmodel (VM) being the separator that converts and syncs the data. Because this framework focuses on the view layer, JavaScript developers for hire have to make changes in increments, instead of doing it all at once.


Angular, just like Vue, builds SPAs. So, the content is dynamically loaded from server instead of browser so the application doesn’t need to be reloaded for new content. 


Express is a true backend framework and works with Node.js APIs. It is a free and open source framework used to build web apps and you can even build APIs with it. 



React is used for frontend development and creating interactive and modern UIs. However, React is not a framework, it is a library which is taken as a framework because it provides the functionalities a framework does. It provides features like hooks and hot reload.

How to Choose a framework

Selection between different frameworks should not be a difficulty if you know what you want. Similarly, if you want to hire JS developers then you should know what are your project requirements, the features you want and what type of work is to be done. 


Frameworks are great to save time, give your software a better structure, and to develop applications rapidly. With the right JavaScript developer and the right JavaScript framework chosen your software will be built the right way and become a success. 


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