Jammu Kashmir Weather Temperature and Climatic Conditions

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Climate attention is a critical issue there as there’s a 13-kilometer trek to the temple from Katra which takes 6 to ten hours. There isn’t any motor cabin a position street past Katra toward the Vaishnodevi shrine. Added to this the temple is located on the side of the Trikuta hills at a far better location than Katra. As a thumb rule lessen 10 ranges C from the real temperature at Katra that might be on the shrine. If the temperature at Katra is 30 diplomas Celsius then the temperate on the shrine may be 20 diplomas Celsius.

Clothing requirement

Light summer time season apparel is suggested within weather azad jammu and kashmir side the summer time season months at Katra and mild woolens can be important on the shrine from time to time if the climate isn’t sunny Moderate to heavy woolens are counseled within side the ice months at Katra and heavy woolens in the shrine.

The first Himalayan country of India – Jammu & Kashmir – welcomes all nature fanatics and journey freaks to the greatest vacation location in India! Be it the picturesque Dal Lake, the Mughal Gardens, snow-clad peaks, or the rarest of journey sports activities, Kashmir tourism has usually involved vacationers worldwide. Its excessive altitude treks, tranquil alpines, cool climate, and rippling waters will truly make you give up your soul to mom nature.


Located approximately 50 km from Srinagar, this small town within side the Baramula district was given its call from the fantastic meadow of flora. Not most effectively captivating in its herbal splendor, Gulmarg additionally boasts of being the best golfing path within side the complete world.

This location is good for holidays from December to April. During this time, you may experience the virgin and spotless splendor of Gulmarg amidst the superb flora along with rarest bluebells, daisies; overlook me now no longer, and buttercups. Moreover, journey sports activities fanatics from internationally can bask in numerous sports like skiing, trekking, paragliding, and golfing.

Khilanmarg and the Pir Panjal variety will let you experience the majestic perspectives of the encompassing White Mountains amidst the fragrant flower valley. And for shopaholics, the town is well-known for hand-crafted carpets, shawls, baskets, and numerous metallic items.

As the call suggests, this town is known after the meadow of gold. Located simply eighty km from Srinagar, Sonmarg takes satisfaction in its proper spotless splendor from May to September and November to February. This is the time when you may seize the greatest of snow including peaks and serene Sindh river perspectives.

This land of silver birch, stunning alpine flora, and fir is an actual deal to the eyes. Serving as a base camp for the holy yatra to Amarnath temple, this town is likewise a domestic to the surprise vacation spot Nilagrad. This is the location in which all of the Mountain Rivers meet the majestic Indus River and flip pink in color. Bathing on this holy river can treat the maximum of your sicknesses and disorders. Krishnasar & Vishansar lakes are the alternative famous spots to look at in Sonmarg.

Final Note on Kashmir

I visited the Kashmir valley with divided thoughts… there has been the magnetic temptation of its airy appeal that fed my girlhood dreams, and then, there have been the gory memories of the battered valley disintegrated via way of means of terror and mayhem. There have been 3 consecutive bomb blasts at Srinagar, the Capital of Kashmir, on the day I began my adventure from Kolkata (the Capital town of the country of West Bengal) on a package deal tour. So my thoughts became a country of pleasure to come across the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! My husband became disappointed with the ones the front web page newspaper reviews of carnage early morning and attempted to dissuade me from my impetuous resolve. I pleaded with him to allow me to move as there has been no secure heaven on Earth nowadays and I believed I could go back domestic…

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