Is elsneinc legit to buy ps5 online?

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The PlayStation 5 was released on November 12, 2020 and was quite difficult to buy, due to the shortage of chips that occurred, Sony was unable to produce many PlayStation 5s, those who could buy them started reselling them. at a premium price that no one wants to pay. This led many to elsneinc legit selling PlayStation 5 for $500 but many are wondering if it is safe and legit to buy PlayStation 5 from them, we will give you our opinion on whether it is a safe and legit website to buy . PS5 later in this article.



According to scam detector, a website that is the self-proclaimed Wikipedia of scams and has a scam detector that uses an algorithm to give online e-commerce sites a security rating, the algorithm gave elsneinc a score of 39.9/100



The result contains more details about why elsneinc gave the company this rating, which is shown below.



Site proximity to suspicious sites is 28/100

It has a threat profile of 56/100

Phishing score is 56/100

The malware score is 35/100

Spam score is 6/100

If that’s not enough, the site is allegedly poorly designed and lacks elements in its metadata that could help its online presence.


Therefore, their backend is also very questionable according to the algorithm of fraud detectors.


To view the scan report for yourself, click the link here


Many people who bought on the site said that the PlayStation was never shipped and they have no way to get their $500 back and that all reviews on the site must be approved before being published.


Is it legal to buy PS5 from elsneinc?

Everything about this site leads us to the safe assumption that it’s best not to buy a PlayStation 5 from them, we recommend waiting for Sony to release the next Playstation 5, it may take longer due to overpriced parts and lack of chips, but it’s worth waiting until lose $500.

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