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India that’s crazy, loud and above all a lot of culture. The country in Asia is becoming increasingly popular for backpackers and is still considered an exciting and at the same time risky travel destination. Some love the noisy and somewhat hectic country, while others feel more lost. Without question, the cities of India are a lot at once and a culture shock is almost inevitable. But that’s just one side of the country. The beaches of India can also be more relaxed and much quieter.

Again, there are numerous beaches that offer opportunities for sunbathing and relaxing. India and beaches? Yes, you heard that right! We will now show you the most beautiful beaches in the country, which you should definitely not miss on your next trip through India.

Most of India’s beaches are located in the south of the country. Compared to the rest of India, it is much more touristy and developed here. You can see a clear difference to the center or the north. Backpackers feel safe and above all comfortable here. Many restaurants invite you to delicious and cheap dishes, the streets are quieter and many accommodations welcome you. Here are also some of the most beautiful beaches in India.



The 9 most beautiful beaches in India

Palolem, Goa

When it comes to beaches in India, Goa is the number one spot. The name is well known and by many, Goa is the first port of call when traveling through India. Sure, because here onedream beach tops the next. One of them is Palolem . Right in the middle of two promontories is the bay of Palolem Beach. The picture looks like something out of a picture book, because sloping palm trees line up next to each other and small restaurants give it a very special charm. Even if some travelers and locals often enjoy the sun and the view here, it is still one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast.


Agonda, Goa

Fancy a little more peace and solitude? Then on to Agonda Beach . There is usually very little going on here and the only people you have to share the beach with are the cows. Smallherds also like to make themselves comfortable in the sand. Here you are far away from the hustle and bustle of Goa, without any tourist restaurants or vendors. You can watch the locals fishing and just enjoy the peace and quiet. A little tip: The sunsets are particularly beautiful here and a small path leads along a rock. The ideal walk in the golden hour. This definitely belongs on the list of the most beautiful beaches in India!



Kovalam is located right on the southern tip of India and offers numerous small bays that offer you a small quiet oasis. Around sunset, the beach is mostly crowded with locals, but the backdrop of the beach is still unique and the sunset is a must. A lighthouse characterizes the image of the beach and the numerous palm trees provide the right tropical feeling.


Muzhapplangad, Kerala

A little further up the coast, near the city of Mangalore, is a hidden paradise. This beach is an insider tip for backpackers and the beach holidaymakers from Goa do not make it that far to the south of India. So you have at Muzhapplangad Beach good chances for rest and Indian idyll. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? There are a few restaurants in the area and two accommodations right on the beach. The beach can be driven on by car and so many locals come for the sunrise and jet along the sandy road. While it can be annoying, it shouldn’t be viewed too narrowly, because you might be invited too. A ride on the beach can be a lot of fun! The Muzhapplangad Beach is therefore an insider tip for you and your next trip to India. Take advantage of it as long as mass tourism stays away.


Kashid Beach, Mumbai

Kashid Beach is located near the metropolis of Mumbai. On the beach, however, there is no longer any trace of the hustle and bustle of the city. It is known for its bright white sand and inviting water. There is a lot more going on here than in the previous spots, but the flair here is convincing. The laughter of the locals, the children playing in the sand and the smell of fresh fruit from the stalls. Kashid Beach is the right place for you if you want to see a new side of beaches in India. It can also be perfectly combined with a visit to Mumbai,a city that characterizes India.


Devbag, Malvan

Devbag Beach offers pretty much everything a backpacker’s heart desires. The beach is located on the small island in the middle of the Karli River, which empties inland below the town of Malvan. On the island you can not only observe exotic bird and plant species, but the river also invites you to go snorkeling or a kayak tour. So if you need a little variety and want to use the beautiful beaches of India for an activity, then you’ve come to the right place.

Armabol Beach, Goa

Back to Goa. Arambol Beach is the center of Goa, at least for many backpackers. The reason for this: Here the fun only starts after sunset. Because at Arambol Beach, legendary beach parties and dance routines take place every day until the wee hours. The hostels right on the beach offer a perfect location and during the day you can catch up on sleep in the shade of a palm tree. The scenery is also colorful and lively thanks to the colorful wooden houses. Due to the crazy mix of culture and party, many backpackers find fun here. Exactly the right spot for a few short nights, new acquaintances and unforgettable moments.


Vagator Beach, Goa

As you can see, Goa is the hotspot for many fantastic beaches in one spot. No wonder Goa is such a popular area for travelers from all over the world and backpackers are reluctant to miss a visit. Of course, this is also the tourist center of India, but with these beaches and these views, you are happy to put up with it. At Vagator Beacha long sandy beach awaits you, which is partly characterized by black sand. The beach is divided into several small bays separated by the relatively rocky coast. The cliff has accommodation and local restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Indian curry overlooking the ocean. Can it get any better? Yes, because during the high season there is a small open-air festival under the palm trees once a month.

Varkala Beach, Kollam

Between Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram you will find Varkala Beach, the heart of India for surfers and co. Here you have a good mix of tourist offers and the traditional way of life.

With surf and yoga schools you can experience the place in a special way. Many great hostels invite you to an unforgettable time. Not to forget: the most beautiful sunsets on the coast await you here and the bright colours of the sky are reflected in the clear water. At low tide you can go for long walks and have a fantastic view.

Beaches in India – Beautiful beaches at the end of the comfort zoneIndia has far more beaches to offer and the entire coast offers you one beach after the next. If you have a little time, you can travel to the southern tip and explore the area there.

Goa is ideal for backpackers whose time in India is limited. Here all the beaches are in one place and you can get to know different sides of the country in a short time.

So India is much more than just a crazy country with noisy traffic and dirty air. Yes, the country can be different and most backpackers who give India a chance come back. Just try it yourself and explore the most beautiful beaches in India!

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