Idaho Education News: What’s Happening In Idaho?

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Idaho is a state that’s known for its agricultural industry, but it’s also home to a thriving technology sector. In this blog post, we will explore some of the latest news in Idaho education, including updates on tuition rates and the rise of online learning. Stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings in Idaho education by reading our blog post today!

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Idaho’s 2017-2018 School Year Begins With New Superintendent
On July 1st, Dr. Wendy J. Olson was appointed as the new Superintendent of Idaho’s public school system. Olson comes to Idaho from Minnesota, where she served as superintendent of both the Minneapolis and St. Paul public school systems. Her appointment follows a nationwide search that culminated with Olson’s selection by the Idaho Board of Education in May.

Prior to her time in Minnesota, Olson spent 14 years in education administration roles in Oregon, including 10 years as superintendent of schools there. She also has experience working as an educator and administrator in Iowa, Colorado, and Wisconsin. In her role as superintendent of schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Olson has worked to implement reforms that have helped those districts improve academic achievement while keeping budgets stable or reducing them.

The new superintendent is excited about her opportunity to work in Idaho and plans to continue implementing reforms that will help Idaho schools reach their full potential. “Idaho is a great place with outstanding students and educators,” said Olson…

Idaho education association news

The Idaho Education Association (IEA) is a statewide organization that represents educators in Idaho. The association provides news and information about education issues in Idaho, as well as updates on legislation and policy. Recent news items include:

-Idaho State Legislature Passes the Safe Schools Improvement Act of 2017

-Idaho Governor Signs School Choice Legislation into Law

-IEA Releases 2017-2018 Budget Recommendations

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Idaho Education News: What’s Happening In Idaho?

Welcome toc! This blog is designed to provide readers with the latest news and information about education in Idaho. We update our blog regularly with breaking news, blog posts, and event information.

In this week’s edition of Idaho Education News, we focus on some of the major events taking place in the state of Idaho. First, we take a look at the status of statewide education reform efforts. Then, we discuss two recent lawsuits that have impacted education in Idaho. Finally, we review some of the latest headlines from schools in Boise and elsewhere in the state.

statewide education reform efforts: The Legislature has continued its work on statewide education reform this week. According to The Associated Press, lawmakers are working on proposals for a new school funding formula and changes to teacher tenure laws. While there is still much work to be done before these reforms can become law, progress is being made.

Two lawsuits affecting education in Idaho: Earlier this month, a lawsuit was filed against Canyon County School District 1 alleging that its school facilities are outdated and inadequate. The lawsuit comes after years of complaints from parents and teachers regarding conditions at the school district. Meanwhile, another lawsuit has been filed against Valley School District 2 after allegations that a teacher sexually abused a student several years ago. This case will likely shape how schools respond when allegations of sexual abuse are made against staff members.

Latest headlines from schools in Boise:

Education news Today

Looking for news about Idaho’s education system? Check out our blog for the latest on school board elections, budget issues, and more!

This year has been a busy one for Idaho education news. Here are some of the main stories from this year:

-In late March, the Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) announced its slate of candidates for upcoming school board elections. The election is scheduled to take place in May 2019. The candidates include representatives from both major political parties as well as independents.
-Later in March, Governor Butch Otter signed into law a $1.8 billion budget for public schools in Idaho. This budget includes funding for teacher salary increases, new textbooks and technology products, and other needs across the state system.
-In early April, it was announced that two Idaho schools had been selected to participate in a statewide pilot program called “Pathways to College.
-Also in April, Senator Sheryl Nuxoll introduced a bill (SB1484) that would create a commission to study ways to improve K-12 education in Idaho. The commission would be made up of educators and experts from outside of the state system, and its recommendations would be given significant weight when making decisions about education policy in Idaho.

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