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Let’s take a closer look at how Valitor was able to achieve such high success with its Valitor 100mfaridi Crowdfundinsider based in Iceland. Iceland-based payment processing company Valitor recently announced the successful completion of its crowdfunding campaign, raising an impressive €100 million. The success of this campaign indicates a growing trend



Valitor’s business model and growth strategy

Valitor is a payment processing company serving customers in the retail, hospitality and transportation industries. With over 20 years of experience in the payments industry, Valitor has built strong relationships with banks and financial institutions across Europe. This has enabled them to create innovative solutions for their customers and expand their presence into new markets.


As part of its growth strategy, Valitor began offering equity-based crowdfunding options to investors as an alternative method of fundraising. The company decided to focus on the Icelandic market first because it had already established strong relationships with local banks and was confident that they would be able to attract investors who saw the potential value in investing in their business.


Valitor’s Crowdfunding campaign was successful

Valitor launched its crowdfunding campaign on June 15 and raised over €100 million from private investors within a month. This was a great success for the company as it proved that there was a strong demand for their product among Icelandic investors and showed that equity crowdfunding can be an effective way for companies to raise funds quickly without having to rely on traditional sources of financing, such as venture capital or bank loans.


Valitor’s plans for the future

The successful completion of this crowdfunding campaign will allow Valitor to continue expanding its operations into new markets across Europe. In addition, they plan to use the funds raised from this campaign to develop new products and services that will help them remain competitive in the ever-changing payment landscape. They also plan to take advantage of emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide more secure and efficient payment processing solutions to their customers.



Valitor’s recent success serves as proof that equity-based crowdfunding can be an effective way for businesses looking for alternative forms of financing. The fact that they managed to raise 100 million euros in one month shows how popular this method is becoming among investors who are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios with innovative companies like Valitor. As technology continues to move forward, we can expect more companies like Valitor to turn to equity crowdfunding campaigns as a viable option when seeking investment from private investors around the world.


Frequently asked questions

What is Valitor?

Valitor is a global FinTech company that provides payment processing solutions to merchants worldwide. It specializes in card payments and its products include debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers and more.


Valitor was founded in 2002 by four Icelandic entrepreneurs who realized the need for secure payment solutions that could be accessible to everyone. Since its inception, Valitor has grown into a highly respected player in the payments industry with thousands of customers across Europe, the US and Canada.


The company’s mission is to make it easier for consumers to transact online or through mobile devices, regardless of their geographic location or bank account type. To do this, Valitor uses state-of-the-art technologies such as tokenization and near field communication (NFC). In addition to providing secure payment processing services directly to merchants through API integration, they also offer white label solutions as well as fraud prevention and analytics tools.


Valitor uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms that allow them to apply sophisticated security measures while offering fast transactions. They are PCI compliant, which means they meet certain standards when it comes to protecting user data during financial transactions on their platform. The company also offers 24/7 customer support along with detailed documentation so their customers can easily integrate with them without any issues during implementation, giving users the confidence that their money is always safe with them.


What is based in Iceland?

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What is a Crowdfund insider?


Crowdfundinsider is a website dedicated to providing the latest news, trends and analysis in the crowdfunding industry. It provides a platform for people to share their opinions, experiences and expertise related to crowdfunding activities. Crowdfundinsider serves as a clearinghouse for entrepreneurs looking for sources of capital such as equity crowdfunding campaigns or loan-based products such as peer-to-peer lending. In addition, it provides education on new regulations and legal frameworks designed specifically for those involved in crowdfunding activities.


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