How To Promote Online Mobile Games Like Subway Surfers?

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As much as it is important for the online best game development company in India and USA to focus on creating a perfectly designed mobile game app. Marketing the game is also one of the important tasks involved. The competition in the mobile game development industry is making the best mobile game development company adopt different models for the promotion of the mobile game app.

A solid marketing campaign targets the right set of users for your mobile game. The mobile game development company generally takes up the following practice to promote online mobile game apps.

Before starting to strategize the promotion activities, the android game development company must look for the following tips. These tips help the best game development companies in USA and India to devise the right strategy to promote the mobile game app.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

You need to decide the audience for whom you are taking up casual game development services from the best game development company. You need to understand the interest of the audience by considering their age group, demographics and legislative regulations, their jobs, and preferred devices. This way you will not be overspending money on advertisements for an audience with no interest in your game.

2. Study your Competitors

When you are just starting out, then the best way to look around your competitor’s activities. On an initial basis, you can take the help of the best android game development company in India and USA to use exact same activities to expand your reach among your audience.

When you find your mobile game app flourishing fine and receiving moderation then you can implement your strategy to boost the reach.

3. Pre-Launch

Now, you have fixated on your audience and worked on most of the casual game development work. You must start with marketing before launch to create hype among game lovers. This way your audience will look for the date when you are releasing the game. One of the most engaging casual game development products was “Pokemon GO”. It was not just the sensation overnight. The best android game development company leveraged the pre-launch marketing so well to make it a success.

4. Social Media

Social media is one of the strongest tools to promote your mobile game app. This platform gives the opportunity to the best game development company to connect with the targeted audience directly. There are several platforms of social media. Now, you need to choose the right one to target your audience.

In the beginning, the best mobile game development company in India must start with Facebook and Instagram. Most of the audience of casual game development is active on these two platforms. Later you can reach out to other platforms too such as Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, and youtube etc.

5. Press

Recently, Candy Crush Saga, the classic example of casual game development completed its 10 years. Thus, they celebrated the iconic day by lightening up the 500 drones in the night sky of New York. Though it draws some criticism this fuelled the memory of players who used to play this classic game. Also, the press featured it in their columns and journalists wrote quick stories about the game.

The best way to leverage the press strategy is to utilize content marketing at its best. As blogging does not cost that much and can be used effectively by publishing the content as news for your new casual mobile game development.

All this method of promotion needs some of the best quality multimedia elements such as screenshots, logos, promotional art and videos. The best game development companies in USA always render the best art and game assets for publicizing the game.

6. App search optimization (ASO) of the mobile game

The best game development companies in USA and India understand the concern to promote mobile game apps like Subway Surfer without proper app search optimization (ASO). According to a study, around 73% of mobile users search the game in app stores.

If you won’t work on the organic traffic from these application stores. Then, the users will never be able to find the game applications.

You need to update the description of the listing of your gaming application by including the following elements to boost the ASO.

  • Keyword research
  • Title and description optimization
  • App icon
  • App reviews
  • Localization

These are the basics to promote your mobile game applications. For better suggestions, you must consider the best game development companies in USA and India suggestion. You will find better insights as the expert mobile game developers have worked on your casual game development idea. Thus, the best android game development company can help you in defining the right strategy to promote your game app.

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