How To Avail An Instant Loan Without Cibil Score?

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When we apply for a personal loan, the first thing that is checked is the CIBIL Score. A healthy CIBIL Score makes the borrower eligible for any loan application sometimes even without salary proof or a salary slip. It is enough to emphasize how important is the CIBIL Score when we need financial aid. 

A guide on how to CIBIL Score check and maintain a good CIBIL reflects the creditworthiness of the borrower. However, we have more and more financial institutions offering multiple schemes to make financial services through which to get an instant loan without CIBIL

Personal loan for low CIBIL Score

When prospects approach lenders for a personal loan, the first thing done is to review the CIBIL Score of the applicant. CIBIL Score reflects your credit history, repayment abilities, and the number of loans availed by you. Since personal loans fall under the category of unsecured loans, lenders evaluate if lending you a specific amount should be approved or not. 

How to get a loan with a low/without CIBIL Score?

While it is difficult to get a loan without CIBIL or a bad CIBIL Score, there are still chances. 

  • Submit proofs that the EMI payments can be supported by your income

If you submit proof that the entire loan amount can easily be paid by your income, you can get a chance of getting a personal loan. This can be done by representing an increase in your salary or a side hustle, etc. 

  • Request for a personal loan of a lower amount

Applying a high amount loan with a low CIBIL Score alerts the lender about your repayment capabilities. It is advisable to ask for a lower personal loan amount when you have a lower CIBIL Score. 

  • Support your application with a guarantee

If your guarantor has a steady income and a healthy CIBIL Score there are chances of getting your loan application approved. There will be KYC formalities, ensuring the same with the co-applicant before applying. 

What factors lower CIBIL Score?

As per discussed CIBIL Scores are representations of our financial habits, the score changes depending on your loans and credit cards. Below mentioned are some of the factors that negatively affect your CIBIL Score: 

  • Personal loans 

Since personal loans fall under the category of unsecured loans, taking multiple personal loans can cause a fall in the credit score.

  • Missed/Delayed loan installments 

If you miss or even delay your loan installment it reflects poor financial planning which means that your credit rating will suffer making it difficult for you to secure loans in the future.

  • Maximizing the limit use of credit cards

It is advisable not to use credit cards beyond 30% of your approved credit limit. Overusing the credit card or using the credit card close to the approved limits frequently is also responsible for bringing down your CIBIL Score. 

  • Delaying the credit card payment 

If you are unable to pay your credit card EMIs or dues on time, they also reduce your CIBIL.

  • Not paying the full amount of credit card 

Sometimes just paying the minimum due or slightly more than the due amount is not enough to keep things under control. We should not forget that to maintain a good CIBIL, just paying the outstanding balance is not a good thing and tends to lower your score. 

  • Not having any credit history

Not having any credit history means your credit score is zero which means that when you apply for a loan or to have a credit card, there are higher chances of your request being rejected. If multiple times your CIBIL is requested from the UNION it also reflects your hunger for credit immediately pulling down your score. 

  • Settling credit cards 

If by any chance you have a settlement history on your credit cards, that is, a history of negotiation and closing a credit card by paying an amount lesser than what was due, it signals a red alert on your CIBIL.

  • Talk to your lender to consider your application under NA/NH in your credit report

This means the lender can mark the lack of credit for the past 36 months and you can avail of the loan. This option lends you the amount at a slightly higher rate of interest. 

What benefits will I get if I have a good CIBIL Score?

A good CIBIL Score reflects your creditworthiness based on your past payback history. If you have a healthy CIBIL and considering to avail a personal loan, you will avail: 

  • Lower rates of interest

Applicants with a high credit score are considered to have reduced rates of interest. This is due to the assessment of the risk in the borrower’s profile. 

  • Loan with specified longer-term

If you have a good credit score and strong credit history, you can avail of a loan with a longer period of repayment. Choosing a loan for longer terms results in reduced monthly payments decreasing your chances of repayment risks. 

  • Swift loan/credit card application approval

Once it is reflected that you have a strong CREDIT score or a healthy CIBIL, your loan application or your application for any credit card gets approved more quickly than those with a bad CIBIL. The lenders prioritize your applications approving them in a go. 

How to Improve Your CIBIL Score?

Your CIBIL Score is a summary of your credit report. Multiple factors influence your credit score. This includes your repayment history, credit mix, credit utilization ratio, age of credit history, etc. Below mentioned is the guide on how to CIBIl score check and the ways that can help you improve your credit score: 


  1. Maintain a good repayment record: It is always advisable to pay your credit card dues and loan EMIs on time. Delayed payments or skipped payments harm your score. On-time repayments represent your responsible credit behavior over time. 


  1. Always ensure maintaining a low credit utilization ratio: Try not to use your credit card over 30% of the issued credit limit. This reflects lower dependence on the credit card hence maintaining a strong profile. 


  1. Keep a regular check on your Credit Report for errors if any: Regularly monitor your credit report for any errors and report the same if any immediately to the CIBIL union. Any delays in getting the errors revoked can dip your CIBIL. 


  1. Do not make multiple loan inquiries: Avoid making multiple loan inquiries with multiple lenders at a time. This will result in frequent fetching of CIBIL from the UNION affecting your CIBIL adversely. 



A good credit score is built and maintained over time. You just need to focus on maintaining strong credit behavior that will reflect your strong credit history. A strong credit history helps you get rewarded with the best offers and quick loan application approvals as per your requirements. 

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