How can I fix Yahoo mail not working on my iPhone issue?

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Why is Yahoo Mail not working on the iPhone?

Yahoo mail is often not working on the iPhone, but as per mobile app development company Qatar we know that email is essential for today’s generation, especially working youth. It is also known that today’s generation carries iPhones with them. To know why the mail does not work, read the information thoroughly. This article is written to resolve your problem. 

  • There are chances that your Yahoo mail needs to be set up correctly on your iPhone.
  • Your iPhone device might not be connected to a stable network.
  • Your Yahoo account may be blocked due to any other security reason.
  • You could use an old or outdated / un-updated Yahoo Mail app on your iPhone.
  • Any other firmware-related problem can also be a reason that causes problems to your iPhone, like Yahoo Mail not working on the iPhone.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail not Working on iPhone issues? 

To fix the problem with your yahoo mail, read the given information so that you will fix the problem on your own and your

  • You should check if your Yahoo account or Yahoo Mail on your iPhone is not working. You have to go to the Yahoo website on any device or computer. Now, log in to your yahoo account and check if your Yahoo Mail is active and can be accessed again or not.
  • You can connect your iPhone to the system, launch the application, and follow a click-through process to repair your device.

How do I reset Yahoo Mail on my iPhone?

You can reset your yahoo mail in the six simple steps:

  1. First, Open the iOS Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Second, Tap the Mail option.
  3. Third, Tap Accounts.
  4. Fourth, Tap on Add Accounts.
  5. Fifth, Tap to Yahoo.
  6. At last, Follow the prompts to sign in to your account.


By going through the blog written by software development company you will find an answer on how to fix the Yahoo mail on iPhone not working issue. If users still face issues with their Yahoo mail on iPhone, they can visit the official website to resolve their issue.

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