How Can Gojek Clone Double Your Business’s Revenue?

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Every one uses at least on application per day to place order, book a taxi, or send parcels in this digital world. Unquestionably, smartphones and advancing technology have efficiently bridged the gap between customers and their everyday needs. And, the Gojek Clone is one of those smart technologies that deserve a lot of applause for that.


This mobile app has helped millions of people to connect with local stores, taxi drivers, doctors, grocery vendors, etc., and get what they want in only a few minutes. As much as this app has helped its users to simplify their lives, it has also made it convenient for the app owners to earn money.


Revenue generation is one of the most important things in any business. And, on-demand apps like Gojek are helping them double their revenues.

Earn 2X Revenues with an App like Gojek Clone

Revenue is generated in the form of commissions via this app. Simply put, if you launch this on-demand multi-service app, you will be earning commissions on every service booking.

Therefore, the more services you offer on your Gojek Clone, the more commissions you earn. Yes, the math is simple but the decision of which services to offer is a challenge.


However, by launching this app, you get the opportunity to offer 101+ on-demand services on a single platform. This means you have 101+ revenue streams and on each booking of these services, you make money.


Wow! That’s mind-blowing. So, take a look at some of the major services that will help you generate revenue, no matter what.

On-demand food delivery

As a digital platform that offers food ordering and delivery services on-demand, you can tie up with restaurants in the region you operate. Also, you can promote your platform as food trucks, cafes, or food chains like McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, etc. to provide food ordering via your app.

Now, every time a customer orders food from these places, you get a commission. People love the convenience of ordering food to their doorstep, and this habit is not going to change any time soon.

Taxi/moto ride booking

With Gojek Clone, you can offer customers the facility to book on-demand taxis or moto rides like Uber.

To make taxi or moto ride booking much more trouble-free for customers, you have these features pre-integrated into the app:


  • Online payment via credit card and in-app wallet
  • Live tracking of the driver on the map
  • Tracking journey in real-time
  • Share ride details with friends or family
  • SOS button
  • View pre-estimated fare

Parcel delivery

The on-demand service allows your customers to send parcels from one location to another within the city.


Here, your customers can conveniently choose to send furniture, books, documents, cement bags, etc. to any local address. Alongside the facility to send these items across the city, your app will also let them choose a suitable vehicle for delivery.

Thus, while choosing the vehicle, customers can see its price so that they can make a better decision.

As soon as the customer selects the vehicle and confirms the payment, Gojek Clone the delivery driver will arrive at the pick-up location! They will load the item(s) and deliver it to the said address.

 On-demand home services

Your customers may also need different kinds of home services as well apart from grocery ordering, taxi booking, etc.

Thus, the app allows them to connect with different professionals who can help with households as well. For example, on-demand services available on the app lets your customers book:

  • Pet care
  • Home cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Car wash
  • Mechanic
  • Electricians
  • Tutors
  • Babysitters
  • Pest control

Thus, by offering customers all these services you are solving their problem of manually calling the professionals, booking appointments, getting quotes, etc.

Your customers can easily see an entire list of professionals available nearby their homes for the selected services. Also, they can compare their profile, check if they are available, book an instant service, or even schedule them as per their requirement!

Final Words:

Isn’t making money using Gojek Clone easy?


Well, if you are someone who wants to launch a similar app and 2X your revenue generation, then get in touch with white-labeling experts.


These experts will provide you with a perfect solution, white-label it with your branding, and launch the app on iOS & Android stores.

So, double your revenues right away!


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