How to Use a Portion Control Plate

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A portion control plate will help you change your eating habits. By showing you what portion size is appropriate, you can control how much you eat and what foods are too large. It is also an excellent tool for weight loss. Here are some ways to use a portion control plate. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some tips that may help you change your eating habits. You may also want to try the Portion control bowl. These are just a few options to consider.

Portion control bowl

Using a portion control bowl to help regulate your food intake is an easy way to make your diet more sustainable. These bowls feature a handy visual cue to help you gauge your portion size, including recommended men’s and women’s serving sizes. They’re dishwasher safe and eco-friendly. They also feature handy cup measurements for each food group. This product is Dietitian-approved and made of high-quality porcelain.

To make portion sizes easier to calculate, get a portion control bowl or plate. They can be divided by food groups, including vegetables, fruits, and protein. One compartment has a cup measure for each food group, while the other has a measurement for protein or grains. Using a portion control bowl will make it easier to determine how much of each type of food you should eat, and keep you from overeating. Portion control bowls are also convenient because they eliminate the need to weigh cereal to determine the right portion size.

IGGI bowls are eco-friendly and microwave-friendly. Compared to a plate, the bowl holds less food than a standard plate. The bowl’s curved bottom helps you portion your meals, while its red interior helps you focus on green vegetables and avoid overeating. Using an IGGI bowl with a Calorie Cloaking app can help you improve your food habits and reach your health goals.

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