Why is it that we are so happy during the Holidays?

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It’s the time of year when ornaments grow, cash registers jingle filled with money, shops send the customers “happy holiday!” WHAT?! What are the holidays? Why are the term “happy holidays” only used during the time of Christmas?

We’ve become so comfortable that we allow this. If the employees at our local stores don’t want to tell us “Merry Weihnachten” after we’ve spent 100s of dollars on Christmas presents and presents, why do we shop at these stores? As Christians Why do we remain silent and allow this to happen. We’ve sat by for all day. It’s time to speak up. If someone says to your ” Happy Holidays” and you respond with a cheerful “and a Merry Christmas to you too”. Why do we need to cut Christ from this season of Christmas Holidays.

If you are asked by someone to

“Happy Holidays” why not ask “hey I’m just curious, what other holiday do you celebrate in addition to Christmas”. If you’re Jewish or Muslim or atheist , or whatever your reason for participating in this holiday is to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Everyone Christians must stand up and be a part of doing what’s appropriate. If you’re embarrassed by Him He’ll be embarrassed by you when you are before the throne of the Father. If we don’t bring CHRIST on the back burner of CHRISTmas Then nobody else will.

It is likely that this book is not going to be out before Christmas, but all isn’t gone. Everybody knows the essence of Christmas and we must show it to others and share it with them across every season. Christmas is a season of happiness and joy and joy, a time of brotherly love and peace as well as a time for friends and family, but the most important thing is an opportunity to remember and celebrating Christ’s birth Jesus. I have a t-shirt I love wearing during the summer months for a couple of weeks. It says, “Christ is Christmas”. Remember Him all through the new year. Remember Him all through the spring time and summer months, the fall winter, and during Christmas.

If you’re looking for the “After-Christmas” sales, why you not inquire with the cashier “Did you enjoy a wonderful Christmas?” instead of “Did you enjoy a wonderful holiday?” If we all be a part of His cause and stand up for Him, the world is a much better place.

Sing “Merry Weihnachten” to everyone. God will surely appreciate it. God loves his Son. Be aware of the reason for this beautiful season. Keep in mind the blessings He gives you all year long. Recall the most precious gift that He has ever given, his sacrifice to you personally.

“Say “Merry Merry Christmas” when someone else wishes you “happy Christmas”.

Merry Christmas!

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