Hallucinogenic Honey from Nepal: What You Need to Know

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Honey is a sweet, viscous food product that honey bees produce. “Mad honey” is a  comparable product used for thousands of years. However, it has a little more kick and specific hazards. 

Mad honey differs from regular honey, a natural hallucinogenic type. You will feel lightheaded and euphoric when you consume hallucinogenic honey in small doses.  

“Mad honey” is among the rarest and most expensive honey worldwide. It is mainly produced in Nepal, where locals have long used it as a powerful medicinal. When it comes to flavor, it is bitter and sharp. If you have never consumed hallucinogenic honey, it can irritate your throat.  

History of Hallucinogenic Honey From Nepal 

Hallucinogenic honey has been available as a folk remedy since 2100 BC. Hallucinogenic honey from Nepal differs from commercial honey. 

Typically found in the Rhododendron genus, bees obtain grayanotoxin through the nectar and pollen of flowers.  

For a long time, people have used hallucinogenic honey as an aphrodisiac as an alternative treatment for gastrointestinal problems. Real mad honey can add so much more fun to your recreational activities. 

Everything You need to Know About Hallucinogenic Honey From Nepal 

1. Unique Honey In The World  

The world’s greatest goods are typically the rarest. Given that honey from Nepal is scarce, it is fairly comparable. It is gathered twice a year in the Black Sea region of Turkey, the highlands of Nepal, China, and India. 

Honey from Nepal is only made at very high elevations, where bees can only live for a few months. Due to weather-related factors, the harvest is not abundant because the bees must migrate throughout the seasonal change. 

In addition, gathering mad honey is a risky task that, if not carried out correctly and with the required measures, could result in death. Due to these factors, it is expensive, unique, and rare.  Hallucinogenic honey sells for $60 to $80 a pound on the black markets of Asia. 

 2. Aid for Active Lifestyle 

One wants to be active in our fast-paced world to cope with the strain and daily workload. A requirement for this lifestyle is now adequate energy. 

Mad honey has shown to be a supporter of an active way of life because of the adequate energy it gives you once you consume it. It functions all day long like an energy drink. You’ll notice a marked difference in your body’s energy. 

3. Harvested at Elevations of up to 3,500 Metres 

The bees often construct their hives on the upper portion of the cliff, which is 3000 meters above sea level. It’s also 300 meters above ground level.  

The daring Gurung honey hunters from Nepal dangle from braided bamboo ropes to collect pure honey. With aching arms and stinging sensations, they travel past waves and swarms of angry bees.  

The hallucinogenic honey gathering has been a long-standing custom from the beginning. It is passed down from generation to generation and is a trip that includes both getting honey and preserving their tradition of collecting mad honey. It is one of the most distinctive and complex cultures on the entire planet. 

4. Buzz of “grayanotoxin.” 

Have you ever considered that honey might have a recreational effect on you? We are confident that unless people are aware of mad honey, nobody would ever believe it. 

Honey bees that produce mad honey graze on a specific variety of rhododendron in the Ericaceae family. The variety contains the primary component of crazy honey, a substance known as “grayanotoxin.” When ingested, this psychoactive substance enables mad honey’s hallucinogenic and recreational effects. 

Neurotoxic substances result in numbness, lightheadedness, euphoria, and relaxation.It should only be taken in the recommended dosage of one to two teaspoons to avoid overdosing. 

5. Health Benefits  

Honey is one of the world’s healthiest natural sweets. Additionally, mad honey can offer stronger health advantages.  

This hallucinogenic honey helps to relieve hypertension and is also a sweet substitute for viagra.   

Hallucinogenic honey may also soothe coughing and throat irritation. It’s rich in antioxidants and antibacterial and antifungal compounds.  

6. Love Medicine 

Hallucinogenic honey is also a food aphrodisiac or medicine of love. It helps both performance and sexual issues. Since ancient times, locals have used this honey to treat these problems, which is effective.   

Additionally, many users assert that it has sexually stimulating properties. True wonder honey includes hallucinogenic honey. 

7. Leading Chemical Weapon 

Hallucinogenic honey is a deployment weapon for mass destruction by invading armies. Athenian author and military leader Xenophon first mentioned hallucinogenic honey in 401 BC.

He detailed how his warriors, who returned from a Turkish province to Persia battle, were poisoned by honey made from rhododendron flowers. General Pompey ordered the Roman troops to invade the Black Sea region later in 67 BC to seize Turkey. The supporters of the then-reigning King Mithridates, however, opposed Roman rule.  

As a result, they laid honeycombs made of mad honey along their whole route. At that time, troops traveling from one location to another relied on the food in the forest and ate the honey in the combs there. 

8. Established by World’s Largest Bee 

Apis laboriosa primarily lives in Asia’s neighboring mountain ranges and the Himalayas. It’s one of the biggest bees in the world.   

This bee has a maximum length of 3 cm and produces hallucinogenic honey. It may graze on rhododendrons that grow at high altitudes because it inhabits altitudes between 1,200 and 3,600 meters. In a reproductive season, it usually only colonizes one location. 

They generally do not travel below 1,200 m; during the winter, they seek out an area with warm temperatures. They construct their hives on steep, inaccessible cliffs that are shielded from the sun and protected from natural predators. 


Honey from Nepal should be consumed as prescribed to prevent the effects associated with its intake. Considering the above information, hallucinogenic honey aids in the complementary treatment for diabetes and hypertension. Hallucinogenic honey also increases honey adoration widespread among people.  

Even though fatalities from mad honey are extremely rare, eating it can still cause arrhythmias, which can be dangerous and difficult to spot. 

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