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Instagram is an essential and effective social media platform for bloggers and influencers as well as businesses. In this post, I will give you Instagram tricks that help you increase your followers and likes.



What is the number of Instagram followers on Instagram?

Instagram followers are users who followed your account. When you publish new content (post or story), followers will see it on your channel (Instagram homepage).


My Instagram followers are not growing, what should I try?

It is not easy to solve because there are so many important factors that can affect your development! Check out our top 9 strategies below.


Do I really need these instructions or can I simply buy Instagram followers?

Yes! It is true! Followers who have been purchased are familiar with Instagram’s algorithm and will likely improve your profile. The result will be greater reach and higher interaction.



Beautiful Instagram pictures are the be-all and end-all

You’ve probably received this advice many times because it’s one of the most basic elements to an effective Instagram account. What exactly are gorgeous pictures on Instagram? These are pictures that are, on the one hand, extremely high-quality (ie clear, well-lit and unsmoothed) and, on the other hand, inspire viewers. For me, it’s about getting people to build their own company through my channel and offering them helpful tips to help them along the way.


Important: In order to achieve success quickly, you need to have a specific look for Instagram. At first it was helpful to find relevant photos using appropriate hashtags. I collected these images on an idea board (like with unofficial Pinterest boards) and then thought about why these images are so famous. Inspired by these images, I started posting similar content using my own personal visual language.

An Instagram feed that is harmonious

Once you’ve mastered the art of taking beautiful pictures for Instagram, it’s time to start planning the need for a unified image. When I first started using Instagram, it was obvious that pastels and pinks should be my primary colors. My profile must reflect the brightness of a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


However, it may be completely different for you. Think carefully about what is appropriate for your blog or your company. For example, do you prefer the color green? Excellent! Use green balls in your pictures again and again!

Create a connection

I’ll admit I was a little naïve about this at first. I thought to myself, “The job is done with a few nice photos, it “clicks” and the followers grow on autopilot.” At the beginning, I did not realize how important it is to reply to comments and also comment on other pictures.


I also want to be completely honest when I talk about growing to 100,000 subscribers in a matter of months. You are thinking about how I achieved this. Especially in the beginning, I was commenting and liking a lot of Instagram posts. Really, really much. This helped me to get other users to know about me. After a while I reached a stage where I was recognized in my field and didn’t have to be a constant swarm of people. However, initially it took me many hours of interactions before I could establish an established community.


Also, engagement on Instagram is at least as important as amazing photos.


Use the right hashtags

I have friends on Instagram who use hashtags that are not relevant or misuse hashtags. In all honesty, I’m always shocked at how few Instagram users realize the potential of hashtags (including the ones I had in my early days on Instagram!).


The hashtags you use ensure that your photos are displayed by Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram algorithm 24 hours a day through hashtag search. This means more people will see your photo and be aware of your profile.

Don’t forget the title!

Don’t you ever get creative with Instagram captions? Let me be honest, I feel the same way! But you can achieve much more with lyrics than you think! My experience has shown: Instagram users read images very well and like to interact with them.


Important: Instagram’s algorithm evaluates the number of likes and comments. This means that an image that has a high level of interaction is more likely to appear and appear at the top of the feed more often. It is therefore crucial to choose a caption that is inspiring and encourages user engagement.


Make sure you post at the right time

For a long time I didn’t realize the importance of ideal timing and often posted late at night (when everyone is sleeping or drinking).


Carefully consider who your online audience is. If you are a blogger for mothers? And do you mostly reach out to other moms? If so, you should post early in the morning between 9 and 10 in the morning when your kids are in preschool, or in the evening when the kids are in bed. Are you targeting a young audience? Send only in the evening or in the afternoon (eg immediately after school).


Find the best time to publish your trading statistics

If you are a user with a business account on Instagram (you can transfer a private account in “Settings” by clicking on a business account) If so, you will gain access to valuable data! It reveals when your subscribers are most active. Based on this, you will then decide when is the best time to publish. For me, it’s between 6-8 pm.


Use a call to action in the right posts!

A call to action (CTA) is when you direct your followers to take a specific action, such as posting a comment, visiting your blog, or participating in an award show. I use the word CTA in almost every blog post. In a non-unique Instagram image, I prefer to ask community members questions.


Regular posting is essential!

Especially in the beginning, it’s hard to stay on the ball all the time. After the initial excitement Many lose motivation or feel tired; constantly creating content.

Don’t stop at this point though! Because if you really want to get more Instagram followers, it’s essential that you give them something new every week.


There’s no reason to post one picture and then go unnoticed for three months. This kind of behavior is also negatively rated by Instagram’s algorithm, which can have a negative impact on your account’s reach.


It doesn’t mean you have to upload 5 pictures or videos every day, but one picture every day or every two days is an acceptable cut. Based on my personal experience, I can tell you that the first 10,000 subscribers are the most demanding. It will be easier afterwards. That’s why it’s important to always be adamant about staying on top of your game and not letting go of your ultimate goal. Because I can assure you that once you get the hang of it, it will be much easier for you!


Make sure you use Instagram Stories regularly!

In addition to the posts in the feed, Insta Stories have also become famous, becoming an integral part of the collection of successful channels. This means you can give your Instagram viewers details about your daily life, as well as take background photos. This extra content is easy to create (mobile phone out and you’re good to go!) and gives your followers an honest look into your day-to-day life.


One of the benefits of these stories is that your audience will follow them often – often even more often than your feed’s posts. Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your visibility!

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