Famous murder case: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

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It was in 2007 that the devastating murder case of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry took place. In this case, both the murdered boy and the juvenile murderer were. According to some reports, the victim of the case, Gabriel Kuhn, was only 12 years old, while the killer was 16 years old.


They were both gamers and got along for two reasons, one being that they were neighbors and the other being that they both played the same game called Tibia. Since their interests were the same, they became good friends, but according to medical reports, Daniel Patry was mentally unstable and quick to get angry over little things.


Daniel Patry was good in the same game and would earn a lot of digital coins in the game; in addition, he lent digital coins to his other friends in his neighborhood. He also loaned 20,000 digital coins to his friends Gabriel Kuhn one day, and things turned sour when Kuhn refused to pay at Patry’s request.


How the Murder Happened: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

According to official authorities, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were good friends and played the same game called Tibia because Patry had a lot of digital coins that he would lend to his friends. One day Kuhn asked him for some coins in return; Patry shared 20,000 digital coins with him, but when Patry asked for his coins back, Kuhn refused, which enraged Patry and he decided to kill him.


He brutally killed Kuhn by stabbing him with a sharp instrument. However, at first the investigation team had no idea about the killer, until they further investigated the famous case of the murder of teenage players and found out that the killer was none other than his 16-year-old friend – Daniel Patry.


Patry was sentenced to three years in prison and is expected to be released after three years because he was under 18. Otherwise, he could be in prison for the rest of his life.


Reaction of Patra’s parents

According to various reports, his parents were kind and gentle people and did not have bad relations with anyone in the neighborhood, which means that Patry’s upbringing was in a friendly family. In addition, his parents added that they noticed certain psychological changes in Patry’s behavior, as he became angry during small talk, and his academic performance dropped significantly. He would stay alone most of the time without socializing with his family and neighborhood.


They even showed him to a psychiatrist because his condition was getting worse every day.


Final words

The case of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry has once again become famous and is often talked about by people on the Internet, especially gaming enthusiasts. The murder occurred as a result of Kuhn’s refusal to return to Patry the 20,000 digital coins that Patry had earned in the game.


The total value of these coins today is around $1.75, which cost Kuhn his life. Eventually, Patry was proven to be the murderer and was sent to prison for three years.

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