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Simple Drawings For Kids will discover how to create the Joker in just a few simple steps in today’s tutorial. This manual is really clear and beneficial.

Simple Drawings For Kids are thirteen steps in this step-by-step guide. If you enjoy comic books, you’re familiar with this character.

Best Joker Simple Drawing For Kids

A supervillain from the world of DC Comics is The Joker. He is Batman’s principal adversary and sworn enemy. The Joker battles with objects that resemble clown props while donning a purple outfit.

The stories in the comics claim that this antagonist is a psychotic murderer. If you want to hone your artistic abilities and if you want to recreate any comic book scene, we are confident that you will find it helpful to finish this class.

You may practice drawing a human in this drawing tutorial. Even though the Joker is a villain, you will undoubtedly love finishing this straightforward, engaging sketching tutorial.

Needed time: one hour.

Step By Step joker Drawing:

Drawing the Joker:

Draw the guidelines and the head’s outline:

  • Draw the Joker’s head as a pointed oval with a line and two additional oval-shaped shapes added.

Place a marker where the character’s arms and legs are:

  • Draw straight lines and little circles on the sides and bottom of the auxiliary lines designating the torso.
  • Mark the face with details and draw the torso’s lines.
  • Draw two straight lines for the neck, three curved lines for the body, and the head within the previously sketched head outline.

Draw the arms of the character.

  • Mark the character’s arms’ outside edges and curves using circles and straight lines.

Create a rough sketch of the legs:

  • Draw straight and curved lines to show the position of the character’s legs next to the previously sketched guidelines.

Draw the features of the face:

  • The Joker has a grimace and a menacing grin on his face. Use straight and curved lines to depict the eyes, pointy nose, and wide open mouth. Joker clown face drawing

Add the person’s ears, teeth, and hair:

  • Draw straight lines within the mouth that was previously drawn, an arc for the ear, and curved lines for the Joker’s haircut.

Draw the jacket’s silhouette:

  • Draw broken straight and curved lines across the top of the torso to represent the top of the Joker outfit.

Add the collar and additional components:

  • Use straight lines, as seen in the illustration, to adorn the Joker’s garment.

Pull the jacket’s sleeves up:

  • Draw the remaining clothing components, including the sides of the previously sketched jacket, using straight and curved lines.

Draw a picture of the Joker’s hands:

  • Draw two arms from the jacket below the previously sketched sleeves. One hand is straight, while the other side is bent. Draw them in straight lines. Joker in Batman drawing
  • Draw the pants and footwear of the Joker.
  • Add pointed Joker shoes with rounded components, then draw straight lines at the bottom of the character’s chest to resemble the pants.

To color the image:

  • Use various colors of grey, black, green, and purple to color the Joker.

Drawing a joker:

Thus, this intriguing and unique drawing tutorial in which you learned how to draw the Joker step by step concluded. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments and mention whether you enjoyed the course or encountered any issues. Your comments and suggestions for new drawing courses will be read with pleasure.

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