Custom Software Solutions for Enterprises from Startups 

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Custom Software Solutions for Enterprises from Startups 


Custom software solutions are critical for all businesses. However, it is especially important for small and startup companies to have access to powerful yet user-friendly software that can be customized to suit their needs. 


The problem is that most companies don’t have the money to pay for such complex software up front. They also don’t want to burden themselves with complicated software that can cause malfunctions. 


To solve this problem, I developed a strategic outsourcing approach that helps small businesses and startups get the custom software solutions they need for the job at a price they can afford. 


Why outsource? 


Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding an existing operation, you need software to help you operate and grow. You will probably end up buying off-the-shelf software or hiring employees who know the products used in your industry. 


The problem is that over time, the off-the-shelf software you buy, or the staff you hire to work on your existing software, often requires upgrades. More importantly, the cost of regularly configuring and maintaining these advanced packages is often prohibitive. 


What if there was a way to have a custom solution that meets your unique needs – without the need to constantly update and maintain it? What if you could get all the benefits of the latest technology without the burden of managing and updating software? 


Well, there’s a chance. Instead of going through a lengthy custom solution development process, you can get a tried, tested and most importantly supported third party software solution. Plus, you can zoom in and out as needed. Sounds good, right? 


Unfortunately, many companies have not considered this approach because it is believed to be impractical. Like many other industries, technology companies have operated in silos – using separate software packages for different tasks, such as sales, marketing and accounting. For these companies, the idea of ​​using a third party for software development can be as good as a radical concept. 


The truth is that using a third party for software development is more practical than ever. It is easier and more cost effective to outsource software development to a third party rather than trying to do it in-house. Not only that, but you get access to a much wider group of developers who know your industry much better and have worked with your type of software before. 


Even if you’ve used a third-party developer before, you might be surprised how much better the service is now. In addition to having more developers, these companies now offer many more additional services. For example, they can provide training on your behalf, perform system migrations and monitor your network for security purposes. 


The Ultimate Advantage of Outsourcing 


When you outsource your software needs to a third party, you gain access to a much larger pool of developers. The bigger the pool, the wider the range of skills you can use. If you’ve ever worked with a company that was limited by the capabilities of their internal development team, you know what I mean. 


Additionally, because these companies have access to a much larger pool of developers, they can often complete your project much faster than you could do it yourself. In fact, they may even have a team of experts already working on a solution for your needs. All you have to do is submit the technical details and review the progress regularly. 


When it comes to investing in new technologies and tools to grow your business, you probably want to get the best bang for your buck. To do this, you must consider the costs associated with the purchase of these expensive products and the ongoing management. This constant maintenance and support not only cost you money but also consumes your valuable time. 


Instead of investing in expensive technologies and tools that may require constant maintenance and support, you can get a tried, tested and supported proprietary software solution from a third party. In addition to getting your work done, it also frees up time to focus on other areas of your business. 


Where to start? 


Since the need for software is crucial for any business, it is important to start looking for software that meets your needs – not only based on the features they offer, but also on the overall experience they provide. In other words, you want someone who has the expertise you’re looking for and understands your business. 


A good developer has already worked with many companies like yours, so they know what elements are important to include to provide a good experience to their customers. Also make sure you have a clear idea of ​​what you are looking for in terms of functionality and support. Just because a developer says they can do something doesn’t mean it’s easy or even possible. You want to work with someone who knows the challenges you face and can recommend solutions to maximize your chances of success. 


Once you’ve found a developer that you think meets your needs, it’s important to do your research. Look for reviews, contact other companies they’ve worked with, and get a sense of their overall approach. Also, make sure you are not being scammed or taken advantage of. There are countless stories of companies being duped by so-called “experts” who claim to be able to provide great software solutions when they actually can’t. Don’t be afraid to do your research before making any decisions. 


When it comes to pricing, you want to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. For example, if you have a specific budget, find out what that budget is before doing any pricing. The most important thing is to make sure that someone who claims to be able to provide great software is not being duped.


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