Corporate Wellness : Employee Health Matters

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Corporate wellness initiatives are developed and put into place in order to assist workers recognize their health risks, practice good working habits, and spend less on medical care. These initiatives are increasingly being used by businesses to increase output, lower absenteeism, improve team member morale, and produce higher-quality work.

These include laws, initiatives, and benefits that deal with a variety of risks and ailments while also affecting the workforce and the corporation.

According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP), corporate wellness initiatives and disease prevention plans have the potential to have an impact on more than 150 million American workers, significantly lowering healthcare costs.

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The rising incidence of chronic illnesses brought on by a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthful eating habits, high levels of stress, and excessive exposure to digital displays is the main factor driving the worldwide corporate wellness industry.

Additionally, customers are looking for ways to detach from their digital frenzy and free up time for personal development and fitness as a result of digitalization’s push for global market expansion.

Thus, in the coming years, the corporate wellness market is expected to benefit greatly from increasing awareness of workers’ mental and physical health. For instance, according to data from the Microsoft Work Trend Index research released on June 8, 2022, 67% of employees in India place a higher priority on their health and well-being than their work.


The COVID-19 epidemic has had a significant negative influence on workers’ mental health. After it started, it resulted in a transition to work from home, which caused a great deal of stress among employees due to the feeling of isolation.

The pandemic also had an impact on the economy, which led to a financial crisis for many people and a decline in their mental health. Wellness service providers are implementing virtual delivery methods to offer services like consultations with psychologists and health coaches in order to address this issue.

Businesses have discovered methods to physically safeguard and priorities their employees in response to the COVID-19 epidemic by offering tech assistance including cloud apps, internet platforms, and remote networking to help with social distance.

Employers now place more emphasis on proactive and constructive management by assisting employees in adjusting to new norms. Additionally, plenty of businesses are introducing fitness programmers to give workers the impression that they are still engaged while working from home.

For instance, GYMGUYZ, the biggest in-home, onsite, and virtual personal training provider in the world. Disclosed expanding its corporate wellness services in February 2022.

As COVID-19 variants continue to emerge and cause more employees to miss work. The company will now provide its corporate wellness services in-home in addition to onsite at corporate locations and facilities.


The following crucial insights will be included in the report:

Impact of COVID-19, New Product Launches, Mergers, and Acquisitions, and Key Industry Developments Insights on Market. Trends and Technological Innovations in the Global Corporate Wellness Market.

A summary of total corporate wellness programmers by important regions and their effects on market expansion
Corporate Organizations’ Regional Promotion of Corporate Wellness Initiatives.


The market for corporate wellness was dominated. By the health risk assessment segment primarily because this service was the principal screening method. Used by virtually all corporations to comply with regulatory requirements.

Corporate wellness initiatives often involve screening procedures to detect health concerns. The implementation of suitable treatments to encourage staff to lead healthy lifestyles.

A health risk assessment of their employees is chosen by around 80% of firms who provide services for employee well-being. The WCS Analytics Plus platform, which includes an interactive data dashboard that enables customers to plan. And implement healthy activities leading to productive workplaces, was introduced by Wellness Corporate Solutions in June 2016.


The end-use sector was dominated by large-scale companies, which also accounted for the biggest revenue share.

Due to their vast expenditures, larger businesses are able to integrate programmers and services into the backbone of their business.

As a result, these businesses frequently provide their employees with comprehensive healthcare plans and services.

Additionally, corporate owners’ awareness of the importance of funding employee health improvement programs. Which will boost their services and improve their company’s performance annually, will fuel market expansion.


A health tech business called Quantum Corp Health Pvt Ltd. Built three new offices in India in February 2022 to address. The country’s rapidly expanding need for health and wellness services for corporate employees and their dependents. These locations are located in Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad.

For example,
Fitbit introduced Luxe in April 2021, a stylish fitness and wellness tracker intended to encourage a holistic approach to health.

From automatic activity and sleep tracking to stress management tools, Luxe has it all. The Fitbit app’s Health Metrics dashboard can be used to spot changes. That might be brought on by increased stress or fatigue.


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