Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Baskets

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A wedding anniversary is the celebration of the anniversary of the date a wedding took place. It is the anniversary of the day on which a marriage ceremony was held, marking the union of two individuals as partners in a marriage.

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated in many cultures and countries around the world and are typically marked by the exchange of gifts, special meals, and other gestures of love and affection between the couple. The length of the marriage is often used to determine what type of gift or celebration is appropriate, with the first anniversary often being considered the most significant.

Traditionally, there are specific anniversary gifts associated with each year of marriage, starting with paper for the first anniversary and progressing to different materials such as wood, tin, crystal, and gold.


1st anniversary: paper
5th anniversary: wood
10th anniversary: tin or aluminum
15th anniversary: crystal
20th anniversary: china
25th anniversary: silver
30th anniversary: pearl
35th anniversary: coral
40th anniversary: ruby
45th anniversary: sapphire
50th anniversary: gold

Personalized gifts:
Customized photo album or scrapbook
A romantic getaway or vacation
A piece of jewelry with your anniversary date or initials
A special piece of artwork or sculpture
A memorable experience, such as a hot air balloon ride or cooking class

Other ideas:

Renew your vows
Plan a surprise party for your spouse
Write a heartfelt letter or poem
Give a gift that symbolizes your relationship, such as a framed picture of a special place or a piece of furniture you picked out together.

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