Best Waterfalls in South Africa for Exciting Vacations

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Waterfalls itself is an object of excitement, and it becomes double when we plan to spend our vacations in waterfalls areas. There is no comparison between the happiness and joy of booking a flight for vacation. The holidays should be exciting as this is worthless to book your journey, spend too much time planning a tour or spend a lot of money, and you only get a single room without any excitement to spend your vacation. 

The excitement of any place comes from the attractions of any destination. When we talk about visiting South Africa, what could be a better place than the waterfalls? Because the waterfalls are full of excitement. The fun, joy, entertainment and happiness are guaranteed for every tourist there. 

After knowing the importance of excitement for vacations, the following primary concern is keeping the holidays under our budget. The excitement can be dropped to zero if the journey costs beyond the expectations or budget. But this article brings happy news for you in terms of educating you on how to make vacations exciting by booking cheap flights to South Africa. So, let’s begin. 

The List of Best Waterfalls in South Africa

Well, no doubt many waterfalls in South Africa can keep your motivation level up, some of which are mentioned below:

The Berlin Falls

One of the numerous waterfalls in and around the Sabie area plunges 80 metres into a pool. Some things to do here include swimming in the pool and having picnics near the waterfall. So if you love swimming and picnicking, it is undoubtedly for you. Must add to your list. 

Howick Falls: 

The Zulu call the falls KwaNogqaza, which means “Place of the Tall One.” According to local lore, the Inkanyamba, a substantial serpent-like creature, lives in the pool at the base of Howick Falls. Only sangomas can approach the falls safely, and then only to pray to the Inkanyamba, ancestral spirits, and the “Great God” and perform other acts of worship.

Lisbon Falls: 

Hike to the bottom of Lisbon Falls in Mpumalanga for one of the best waterfall views in all of South Africa. Every inch of it is stunning, and its majesty regularly leaves me dumbfounded. You may cool yourself in the tiny rock pools that line the base of the falls for just R10.00 in admission. When it’s raining or right after, the falls look their best.

Augrabies Falls: 

The name “Ankoerebis,” which means “a location of enormous noise,” was given to Augrabies Falls by its indigenous Khoikhoi people since it is notorious for pouring at a rate four times that of Niagara Falls on an annual basis. In its eponymous neighbouring National Park, you can also catch a glimpse of species like the giraffe and yellow mongoose. At this location, you can anticipate seeing the water rushing from an elevation of 60 metres (200 feet), and if you’re lucky,

Magwa Falls:

Magwa Falls is one of South Africa’s tallest falls (and 34 metres higher than Victoria Falls, although not nearly as wide). If you don’t fear heights, hiking along the falls’ edge is a fantastic photo opportunity and is one of Magwa Falls’ best aspects. The one 800-hectare Magwa tea plantation, the last remaining tea estate in South Africa and located just outside of Lusikisiki, contains the Magwa Waterfall. The easiest method to reach Magwa Falls, located at 142 metres, is to stay the night at Port St. Johns and then drive up to the falls at sunrise or sunset.

Lone Creek Parks: 

Its natural beauty is so stunning that it has been designated a National Monument thanks to its lush forests and lovely surroundings! Lone Creek Falls, one of South Africa’s top waterfall areas, shoots water 70 metres toward the ground.

Not only that, but there are also other waterfalls for your joy and entertainment, which you can visit whenever you want. But to keep the excitement under the dedicated budget, it is essential to choose the flight tactfully. So let’s see how we can get cheap flights for the waterfalls of South Africa: 

  • You must choose the low season “February” despite the high season (November, December, January) to book your flight. It can surely give you a chance to save money on bookings and spend it to your joy. Affordable flight is possible in this season. 
  • Must book your airline five to six months before your flight. This is another successful way to get cheap flights as the booking is beneficial in saving money and having a less expensive airline.
  • Since you are a resident of the United Kingdom, it is essential and helpful to get your flights booked through expert travel agents. As no doubt, UK travel agents are experienced in providing affordable and cheap flights, so getting your booking through them is a perfect choice.
  • Keep connected with the airline so you can inform yourself of the promotions or discounts offered on flights. This is a chance for you to get your flight booked at a maximum value. The airlines offer discounts to get the maximum number of passengers for their flights and to get their flights booked as soon as possible. So, why not book your journey at these times to get a cheaper flight? 
  • Also, avoid last-minute booking for your journey as it can result in the most expensive flight and can ruin all of your excitement. It’s essential to be quick in booking as much as you can to have cheap flights.

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