Visit these Amazing Beaches in Chennai for a Fun-Filled Day Trip

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The coastal city of Chennai is home to a number of beautiful beaches. Many of these are almost always crowded with both locals and tourists alike. The golden sand during the sunset and the waters reflecting the pretty hues of the sky look beyond mesmerizing. You can also opt to go for a quick swim or try some mouth-watering snacks at the beach shacks. 

Here are some of the top beaches in Chennai that you can visit to have an exciting day trip with your family. 

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Kovalam Beach 

Kovalam Beach is one of the best beaches in Chennai and is visited by millions of people annually. Located just a few minutes away from the main city, it offers spectacular views of the Coromandel Coast. You can build sand castles using the golden sand at the beach and let your inner child escape for the day. Spend time in leisure and take a walk by the shore during the evening. It is also one of the best places for surfing in Chennai so if you are into adventure sports, you can try this as well. Gorge on some local delicacies at the beach shacks when you get hungry after spending a day at this gorgeous beach. 

Marina Beach 

Marina Beach is unarguably the most popular beach in Chennai. It is always crowded with an energetic crowd who take part in different activities to make the most of their time at this beach. You can spot people flying kites, playing beach volleyball, cricket, gorging on delicious snacks and some spending the much needed time with their families. Don’t forget to try the piping-hot fritters and roasted corn cob that are the best-sellers during the evening. You can also check out the various memorials and statues that boast the look of this beach. 

Santhome Beach 

Located at Mylapore, the beautiful Santhome Beach is found nearby the iconic Marina Beach. Despite its close proximity, it is much more peaceful and quiet when compared to the latter. If some moments of solitude are what you seek, you must head to this gorgeous beach. You can spend an evening here and wait until sunset to admire the sky change into a beautiful ombre of hues. 

Elliot’s Beach

Located in Besant Nagar, Elliot’s Beach is one of the best beaches in India. Youngsters along with families throng this place every evening to spend some time together. You can choose to walk by the shores or play some volleyball with your friends. There are a number of restaurants and cafes situated near the beach, so you can visit these and satisfy your food cravings. Ashtalakshmi Temple, Schmidt Memorial and Velankanni Church are some of the top tourist attractions in Chennai that are located near Elliot’s Beach. 

Thiruvanmiyur Beach

Thiruvanmiyur Beach is another one that you can head to if you want to spend some tranquil moments. It is also one of the most clean beaches in India. It is a hidden gem in Chennai that is mostly visited by the local population. So, if you want to interact with them or see how they spend their time at this beach, you can plan a visit here. The best time to visit is generally during the early morning or evening. You can spot people walking, running through the long stretch of the shores. There are some amazing food stalls as well so you can get some freshly-made delicacies for breakfast. One of the best beaches in the city, as an introvert, you will definitely get amazed by the solitude here. 

Sadras Beach 

Sadras Beach is one of the most serene beaches in Chennai. It boasts of pristine shores, lush beauty and clearer waters. It is located behind the iconic Sadras Fort and remains a hidden gem rarely discovered by tourists. This beach is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and offers some impeccable sights during the sunset. You can simply spend the entire evening admiring the deep blue waters of the magnificent Bay of Bengal. Go for a quick swim, if you are in the mood or enjoy a hot cup of tea at any food stall. 

There are many other beaches in Chennai that you can visit to make your trip to this city memorable. Which of the beaches mentioned above would you like to explore? Comment below and share your preferences with us! 

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