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Bdmusic23 and Bdmusic35 is the most popular Bangladeshi song download website for last 6 years but now it provides link to download movies and web series. bdmusic 23 change domain many times due to copyright issue, some alternative links are,,, Bdmusic35 green and more common domain.


Movies are for entertainment, especially the archetypal ones and their signature song and dance fanfare. However, apart from the regular content, Bengali cinema often delivers films that not only entertain us but also inspire a lot of us.


An ideal vehicle for music as visual art


Here are 4 principles and practical suggestions for musicians who want to elevate their music into the realm of fine art following the example of painters past and present.




1) Try to create unique music or music collections.


2) Create a music gallery.


3) Turn your music into a tangible asset.


Exclusive music


Another aspect that needs to be briefly explored is the exclusivity factor in relation to fine art ownership. Not everyone can afford a Picasso, but those who can are generally not willing to share it with everyone because they want the exclusive ownership of a Picasso, that’s part of the fine art ownership package.





As we finish, let’s briefly review the factors that will lead to the success of visual music.


1) Try to create unique music or music collections. To do this, you will need to experiment with unique methods, techniques or styles that offer a distinctive sound. In the art world, this will be known as your audio fingerprint. This is what art collectors will want to buy and appreciate.


2) Create a music gallery. Brainstorm ideas on how to present your new songs at a music showcase. It should look and feel like an art exhibition, but it should be tailored to the music. This may include setting up private listening stations for individual art collectors or small rooms for limited audiences and where auctions may take place.


3) Turn your music into a tangible asset. Painting elevates canvas and paint to art, while music can never elevate a cassette or CD to art. With music, the medium must be transformed into art as part of a package to present music as fine art. Painting also elevates and transforms its medium, whereas music is usually transported by its medium, if it’s not digital then it’s all about the music. Remember what we discussed about digital formats and vinyl LPs as ideal vehicles for selling music as fine art.


4) Above all, offer exclusivity as an essential part of the fine music ownership package, so find ways to guarantee this to your buyers. Ownership of art is strongly based on its exclusivity, which for collectors means that they are part of a very select group of individuals who have the right or privilege to receive your art music. If you can exclude the masses and create demand among a select few, then the prices you can attract will increase as few buyers will try to outbid each other for exclusive ownership of your music.


5) Finally, use the auction system to generate massive profits. When creating a tangible asset, keep in mind the law of supply and demand and remember the vital role of advertising. Marketing and PR in creating demand. There is no point in creating a limited supply of anything that is not in demand.




These are by no means all the ways these ideas can be applied to your situation or in these formats. But whatever you decide to do. You will need to formulate the right balance of factors that make up the price of your fine music. rise. Many of you may be overwhelmed by the amount of initial investment capital you’ll need to elevate your music to a fine art collectible. So you’ll need to expand your people skills and take training courses in sales, marketing, investing and business. A few of the approaches I’ve mentioned will require you to get capital from a bank, an institution like a private equity firm. Or venture capitalists to get started, or you’ll need to access a low-cost personal or small business loan interest rates. . This will give you more time to implement your program and generate your first wave of sales.


If your business plan for turning your music into fine art is solid and your sales pitch thorough. Then the money will find you as more investors see the opportunity for profit. Additionally, wealthy patrons may see your work as an important contribution to art history. Or your presentation may just resonate with an investor or group of investors that they may give you money to complete your project. In any case, be business-like. Get all your contracts in writing and have them reviewed by a competent attorney. An expert in intellectual property issues and especially in financial transactions.


Bdmusic23 and Bdmusic35 is a musician. Sound designer and blogger. He is also the founder of a music project called Stereo Thesis. Stereo Thesis is a prototype sound design and music studio.

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